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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Outing

Today Mr SE and I braved the threat of any more of the potential flash floods and hailstones that we experienced yesterday in Melbourne and struck out to the countryside for an outing complete with a picnic (prepared by Mr SE - so sweet of him) towards Mount Tarrangower and the areas around there, also known as the 'Digger Trail'. Looking at the view above (taken from our picnic spot) this was the landscape where an event of great social and economic significance to Australia took place... In the 1850's tens of thousands of people converged here from all corners of the world longing for wealth beyond their dreams at the richest shallow alluvial gold diggings that the world would know.

This was a really interesting shop in the town of Kyneton....

Full of antiques, quirky things and 'industrial chic' ....

Lovely solid beautifully designed things like these knives.... I have a few sets like these back in UK.

Oh and I LOVE these old metal stools - could see them round a weathered old scrubbed wooden table - just perfect. It's a look I am liking more and more - that mix of old wood and metal.

Talking of metal, we both fell in love with this old Anglepoise- type lamp and it did come home with us. Even the little on/off push button switch is quite charming.

Photograph above shows a view of the small town of Maldon... still much as it was in the 19th Century - and was built for the gold miners ....

A view down the high street.

As you can see we were around 140 kms out of the city of Melbourne... All in all a really lovely day - even though the sun was not shining....


  1. It's so nice to have a day out, and a picnic as well! Maldon looks lovely, the rain somehow adds to it's charm. The shop in Kyneton looks like a real find. Im glad you had a lovely day.

  2. what a great little day trip Sarah..and a gorgeous little store with lovely little trinkets...love the lamp!! Hope you have found a nice home for it somewhere :) x

  3. Sarah - well I just can't believe it - I'm reading about your rainy day and the sun is shining brightly outside my window here in Wiltshire!!! Glad you had a fun day & I love the lamp - wish I had seen it first! x

  4. I love all that old industrial furniture, we have an old filing cabinet and a German medicine cabinet, not very practical storage solutions but they look nice!

  5. Sarah you have the most wonderful stories to tell and your photographs are fantastic. You know so much more about Australia than I do! How do you always seem to find the most divine shops as well?

    Hope that the weather gets better down in Melbourne-I am really over the rain here in Brisbane! How funny that it has been pouring here but sunny and lovely in Wiltshire!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  6. Those are very nice stools you show. I love them too!

  7. How delightfully quaint looking the High Street appears to be...the shop looks like fun too! Rainy days are great for shopping and exploring new places. I'll bet you had fun.

  8. Sarah...sounds like a lovely outing. I am with Susie...great lamp!
    You will have to show us where it will sit when you get home.
    Thanks for your comments today..now I have a question and apologies if it sounds really silly, but, who is Nell? Whoever she is, she is stunning in that photo!

    Jeanne :)x

  9. Hello, Semi Expat!

    I have just discovered your blog from the lovely LPC's.

    Australia is flavour of the month :-P

    Take care and look forward to reading more of your adventures.

    SSG xxx

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  11. Mr FF has those knives! So does Grandma- Love them xx PS how fab is Helen Mirren looking?

  12. Love the knives and those little metal stools.

    Gorg as always.


    I finally accepted the award you so graciously gave me a LONG time ago. Thanks again

  13. Thank you all for the lovely comments about our day out... to answer the questions that were asked :

    Natasha - I think I have an inbuilt radar as far as shops are concerned!

    Jeanne - your question about Nell - all will be revealed this week - I promise!

    FF- Helen M is looking top notch FAB!

    and lastly a welcome to the blog to another aussie blog - Sydney Shop Girl - thank you for dropping by and for following and yes, weren't we lucky to be nominated by the WONDERFUL LPC? -she is truly a TOP blogger.

  14. What a fab day out, and I do love that lamp too. It reminds me of the cute one that you see at the start of all movies made by Pixar animations (like Wall-E and Up).
    As for the knives, I'm sure my Granny had loads of them and I had no idea they are now chic!


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