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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Trifle Eiffel

New items in MA MAISON at the end of last week and arranged yesterday in the shop ... A lovely collection of Eiffel Tower inspired items..... I took some photographs to show you all....

Singing in the rain! This is one of those umbrellas you can pull right down over your head and 'look out' through the clear part through where the Eiffel Tower is pictured .... Very clever.

Long tubes containing giant sized matches - think these are great - you can light all your tea lights/candles with one match, in one fell swoop!

Eiffel Tower magnets to fix all your 'to-do' lists, photos, notes etc. on the fridge door.

Little photo/note holders for your desk maybe....

A Gallic feel to your dining table ! Eiffel Tower salt and pepper shakers - cute!

And finally another photo of the book ends we had in a few weeks ago - only one pair left now I think!


  1. All are fabulous items :-)

    I ordered a top from Laredoute this morning which is has the eiffel tower on and is very chic as it is a lovely grey colour.

    Everybody loves the Eiffel Tower, especially the French...

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  2. What I want to know Sarah is how you could possibly stop yourself from buying all these wonderful items!!

  3. What lovely goodies you have!
    I love the umbrella that you can pull right down and see through the clear plastic!

  4. They should make more umbrellas with the see-through section (like the Queen Mum used to have?) - totally practical!

  5. How very chic, I particulary like the salt and pepper pots. I think I need a trip to Paris x

  6. I like the umbrella. What a smart idea!

  7. Very pretty umbrella and I like those bookends very much :-).

  8. Leeann - you'll have to show us your top when it arrives - sounds cute.

    Jeanne - it is hard at times!

    Marina - thought that was a great idea.

    Janet - me too - I have a pair!

    Struggler - yes, so practical.

    NWLG - a trip to Paris would be so good!

    Sniff - Umbrellas are so nice I have to say...

    Kathy - yes, think these are my favs oh, and along with the matches too!


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