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Friday, March 26, 2010

Juicy Bear

A little about this wonderful Melbourne company - Juicy Bear - and I love the name almost as much as I love their products which are all beautifully soft and comfortable garments (mainly tee shirts and tops)...... They are all made in Australia which in itself is unusual in this day and age of many garments being manufactured in China . Granted this does make them a little more expensive than many other tee shirts but the fit and the designs are also far superior than most.

Sarah Walker and Lucy Sherman are the creators of Juicy Bear. The girls had a need and after tirelessly looking for the perfect tee, decided that if they could not find one, they would create one themselves.

The result was a versatile, indispensable tee - one that does not hug, shrink or ride up; a tee that is made using 100% pure Egyptian cotton; a tee that is cut much longer in the body to elongate the waist and hide any natural ‘waist padding’; a tee that you can layer, mix and match all the colours and own a whole collection so you can always start building your perfect outfit. Just like a favourite pair of jeans – Juicy Bear will form to fit your body shape beautifully.

As demand grew, so did the range. Juicy Bear now uses beautiful soft 100% Australian Merino wool for their winter collections, applying the same design principles as those seen with the cotton tees. The following photographs taken from their website - http://www.juicybear.com.au/ are indicative of the lovely garments they produce. The website also gives stockists both here in Australia and abroad.

Classic white short sleeved tee.

Long sleeved tee.

'A' line slightly flared striped tee.

I own a striped grey and white tee from them and a plain white one too and I hope to add some Merino wool tops too this Autumn.
Meanwhile a great weekend to one and all - Mr SE is off to watch the Grand Prix in Melbourne on Sunday and tomorrow I am working at Peony.....


  1. Just a wee bit form fitting for me, tee hee hee!
    but might be nice under a flowing shirt so will go and check the sight. Thanks

  2. Thank you Sarah - another life enhancing tip! Do they sell them in Sydney or is it mail-order only outside Melb? Have a great weekend - enjoy your day at Peony x

  3. Hi Sarah, isn't Juicy Bear a fabulous brand?! I work at Rose St Trading Company part time and it is one of the key ranges again this Autumn/Winter, we love it and so do our customers! Beautiful natural fibres, gorgeous pieces for everyday wear and fabulous colours!
    Pop in to visit us soon!

    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend, and best wishes to Jill, Peony is absolutely heavenly!

    Claire :-) x

  4. Lovely t-shirts, and available in Chelsea too. Enjoy your weekend at Peony..x

  5. Love the T-shirts, am off to have a look at the website.

    Have a great weekend,

    Leeann x

  6. They look lovely and I like the sound of the longer length! I will check out their website and certainly keep my eye open for US stockists.

  7. Sarah..once again, you have the best taste! I am going to have to look at this one. I will be in Australia later in the year and these will be perfect for next winter...am I dreaming? I may need them for summer here too!
    Have a great weekend:)

  8. Julienne - lots of styles - not all form fitting I promise!

    Susie - am sure there are stockists in Sydney... have a quick look on website.

    Claire - what a coicidence I have earmarked Rose Street Trading to come and check out! Will do for definite!

    NWLG - good to know I could get in London too - thanks..

    Fab French - hope you enjoy website - they are good...

    Struggler - not sure if they have stockists in USA - sorry!

    Jeanne - you could have the cotton ones and the merino wool ones!
    GREAT weekend to you all......x

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