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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Boots (and a date)

I have to say it does seem a little strange at times that all my lovely, fellow bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere are delighting in signs of Spring this week ........
whilst here in the Southern Hemisphere we are about to welcome Autumn - saw some lovely acorns just the other day actually, not quite as advanced as these but nonetheless acorns... (and silly me, I didn't think they had Oak trees here in Australia!) It certainly felt a little chilly here in Melbourne today - very 'boots and tights' weather so I think it is about time that I showed you.....


They can be worn with the 'cuffs' down - rather 'Pirate Stylie' as in the photograph above or....

with the 'cuffs' up - a little Dick Whittington, Puss-In-Boots style!! For the purpose of the photograph I did hold my dress a little higher so you could see the boots... (I don't usually go round in quite as short an oufit!) And I am thinking... leggings and a tunic top would be good with them or straight (skinny-ish) jeans too. What do you think?

Also, I have to report that Mr SE has invited me on a 24 hour 'date' !
He texted me this afternoon whilst I was at work at MA MAISON (lots of new goodies in btw, will do a post about them later this week) to say that he has to go to Sydney tomorrow, returning Friday. Did I want to go too... oh, and that he is staying at the 'Four Seasons' hotel?!!

Think this is rather as they say, a 'no-brainer' and so as soon as I have pressed 'Publish Post' here I am going to pack a few things, including the new boots...... Hope it is cool-'ish' in Sydney!!


  1. It is indeed boot weather in Sydney.

    The Four Seasons is lovely. Be sure to have the oysters and champagne at the lounge. I have photos on my blog for reference but it is Good.

    SSG xxx

  2. Oh Sarah - please, this is too much!!! Last week Kathryn's now the Four Seasons!!! Enjoy, if you haven't stayed there before, it's a great hotel and so close to everything (virtually on the harbour and two mins walk down to the Rocks) Looking forward to hearing all about it. Love the boots, where did you find them? Have never had much luck with boots in Aus - I used to stock up when we came over here but those are gorgeous...have fun x

  3. Nice boots! I like the fact that they're chocolate brown and not black. They'll look good with leggings or skinny jeans or maybe a pair of jeggings?!

  4. Love the boots ... and you should wear them with shorter skirts ... you have great legs!
    Enjoy your 24 hr date in Sydney!

  5. woot woooh..you go my little puss in boots and have a fabulous time...the weather has been a bit chilly here in Sydney so your boots will be just perfect! :) x

  6. Love the boots and exciting re the 24 hour date! Have fun xx

  7. Fabulous boots, can they be worn with jeans tucked in too?? Hey enjoy the 24 hour date, very exciting! x

  8. Have fun! Sydney is my fave place the world!


  9. Great boots, so versatile!

    Totally agree it's funny to think about us up here yearning for spring and you guys going into winter. My ideal life would be 7 months at home (March-September) and the rest of the year in Oz. I'd hardly ever have to encounter snow and freezing temperatures.

  10. Great boots Sarah! Off to Sydney, you lucky thing! Have a wonderful time! Take lots of pictures:)

  11. You go girl...Sydney, watch out, those boots were meant for talking........about!!

  12. Love the boots and a date at the Four Seasons sounds so romantic. Even though Mr FF and I live in the same house and see each other every day we still like to arrange a date, I adore it.

    Don't forget to pack lots of of those petit lacy numbers :-)

    Bisous, Leeann x

  13. Those are some fabulous boots! Enjoy your autumn weather...always my favorite season.


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