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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday flowers and foliage in some lovely gardens

It was such a beautiful warm Autumn day today in Melbourne and so this evening I took a short walk to take photographs of some of the lovely front gardens near by......... My favourite one (photographs above and below).... Don't you just love the topiary in the terracotta pots and the large bay trees in the cream square planters at the front porch?

Another view from the other side showing the lovely white Iceberg roses.

Gorgeous herringbone brickwork in this garden.. a lovely place to sit and contemplate life from the wooden bench I would imagine.

And this is very pretty too - gorgeous blue flowers the other side...

So I got in a little closer to take a better look.... Love the blues with the fence behind showing up the dark greens.

And this garden belonging to a house in the same road as ours is receiving its second viewing on the blog .... to see the first time I featured it click HERE.
Wishing you all a wonderful and happy weekend.


  1. aren't they lovely, I wish more of our melb homes looked like these!!!

  2. They are all so beautiful ... but I love that last house which you have featured before.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Gorgeous home and garden images Sarah, and I agree with Marina, I love the design of the last garden, very timeless.

    Have a wonderful Autumn weekend:-) Claire x

  4. Wow those houses are so lovely. Just love the Melbourne houses - so different to up here. I could spend all day looking at them. Mel xxx

  5. How beautiful, someone has put a lot of love and care into that garden. Love the picket fence too xx

  6. You really do have a lovely neighbourhood. Thanks for hunting out these gems for us!

  7. Hi Sarah,

    LOVE that first garden!


  8. Autumn? Wow, the world is big! How on earth do you get adjusted to having xmas in December, etc? The houses pictured are very pretty, so totally different than the ones I´m used to :)

  9. Some People are so so so lucky to have such nice gardens.

    Also, I always think gardeners are the NICEST people.

    Garden trends come and go but gardening as a hobby or as a passion will always be Smart and Chic.

    Off to do some pruning. xxx

  10. Thank you all for the lovely comments on the gardens and to answer your question...

    METSCAN - it is EXTREMELY difficult for me relate to warm Christmases - well the first one was but last year I embraced it far more and enjoyed the outside party style atmosphere that is Christmas in Australia...

  11. What a lovely neighborhood and gorgeous gardens!

  12. Lovely gardens! I love flowers and plants and do whatever I can to make my little balcony look like a garden in the summer. Wish I had a house like one of these.

  13. oh my goodness! what darling houses! I hope to visit Australia some day.

    x Emily


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