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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea for One

I have to admit to feeling a little down today..... My niece flew off onto New Zealand to continue her travels in the antipodes yesterday - (this is also known as 'Getting Over a Broken Engagement in UK tour'....)

And I have to report she is doing remarkably well on this front having been whizzed around Melbourne and to country vineyards by a very dashing and hunky Australian man so I am pleased. Very. Especially as I engineered the original meeting ....(yes, yes, just call me Matchmaker, Matchmaker!) I can feel a song coming on....

So, to cheer myself up I went to the cute place above ..... 'Little Cupcakes'.

And partook of the above - look at the sweetest little lemon mini cupcake and the fact that the tea is served DANS une pot de china and avec real leaves too..... Bliss.

(But I still miss BN!)
However, I am happy to say that she'll be back in Melbourne later. (Think I hear that song coming back again!)

P.S. I meant to say that if anyone would like to read of her adventures - she is also writing a blog (keeping it in the family so to speak!) see right in my favourites - 'Diary of a Travelling Cool Girl'


  1. You have been nominated for a Kreative Blogger Award. See my recent post for details.
    Jeanne :)

    PS..I could not find your name anywhere..would love to know it!

  2. I'm glad BN is finding that as one door closes another opens!
    And I'm so sorry I wasn't on the right continent to gatecrash your solo tea party - it looks adorable.

  3. Jeanne - thank you so much - I am delighted to receive the award and will follow up with it in the next few days.... So kind of you, Sarah xx

    Struggler - yes it would have been great to have you at the Tea party - we may have had to sample all the flavours of the cupcakes too!!

  4. Dear Sarah - you have been nominated twice!!! Please see my last post! Love Susie x


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