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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Spring Day in England

Before I begin writing my post today I would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who left a comment about my sister's wedding (previous post) .... We have been so touched by your kindness and lovely words - my family were amazed at the response especially my sister and my parents who were absolutely delighted that so many bloggers and readers from all over the world not only were interested but also took the time to write something. It really has added another dimension to the celebrations so thank you all so very, very much. Yesterday we enjoyed another beautiful Spring day and so we set off for a small walk out of our village and down to the canal - this is the view looking back and in the middle you can see the steeple of the village church. Note though that although it is nearly mid-April not many leaves are out on the trees - hopefully they will all soon spring into action over the coming week or so. The sun shone but there was also quite a brisk, cold wind.

On the way back we stopped at the house opposite. They have chickens and sell organic eggs from a little table on their driveway.

They trust you to put the correct money into the jar and take your eggs... They are so fresh - absolutely delicious...

Later on in the evening I brought out my Jamie Oliver cookbook to check out a recipe for Jamie's "Incredible roasted shoulder of lamb with smashed veg and greens" dish (page 49 of his 'Jamie at Home' book). The preparation is quick but it does take a long time in the oven. However the finished result is always worth it and never fails.

Garlic and rosemary under the lamb - a little olive oil and salt and pepper all over too...

Oh, and just a bit more rosemary and garlic on top... Double seal the whole tin with foil and much, much later.....

Serve and enjoy with Mr SE accompanied by a nice glass or two of French red wine and an open fire too.... What could be more perfect?
Today Mr SE and I are off to visit our friends Stuart and Kiel (the antique guys I have written about before - their company is Fontaine) - they now have a little cottage in Kent (South East of England) as well as their place in France. Hopefully there may be lots of gorgeous goodies in the form of French antiques that I will be able to photograph for you to see.
Now, I must away and prepare some of those lovely eggs we bought yesterday for Mr SE's brekkie!


  1. Looks delicious Sarah....have a wonderful day!!
    Fingers crossed you find lots of little treasures to tuck away in your suitcase ;)

    Jeanne xo

  2. What a lovely day.

    It is getting cooler here in Sydney and you have inpsired me to start planning hearty winter meals.

    SSG xxx

  3. I was going to say how delicious dinner looked and I must try...then I had a look at Fontaine!
    I so wish I was with you and going there tomorrow, what fabulous stuff!

  4. Oh wow..how lovely...and isnt it nice that there are still people out there who trust you to pay for their eggs. Gorgeous dinner! What a lovely way to end the day :)

  5. This is all divine! Love the lamb!

  6. I have that book as well and that particular recipe is divine!
    I like the chicken thigh recipe as well...have fun antiquing...one of my favourite things to do and in a Kent cottage how lovely does that sound...pictures please!

  7. Nothing quite like an English spring...

  8. Hi Sarah,

    What a beautiful little town to spend your spring in. Love that someone is selling their eggs by the roadside. Thank you so much for sharing this little slice of your life with us.


  9. Hi Sarah - you came at just the right time! The weather has transformed in the last week from winter into Spring....the lamb looks delish - haven't had lamb for ages - going on the dinner list for this week! Hope we can get together soon x

  10. Pretty much right after you left, Melbourne snapped into winter. Coats and boots came out really suddenly!! Lucky you getting to enjoy English spring!

    Thanks for the Wolford offer, am definitely taking it up! ;)) x

  11. Just came by to visit from Selah . What a lovely blog. I'll be back to find out about your trip. Dinner looks delicious.

  12. Classic English springtime! You are making me homesick :)

  13. Hello all - many thanks for your lovely comments and welcome to a new commenter 'flwrjane' from Selah - glad you found the blog thank you for dropping by too..x


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