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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back again in England - first post

Well, here I am back again at 'The SE Cottage' in England. I had hoped on posting earlier than now but I have rather suffered from jet lag in the form of such an awful headache which came on this morning that it sent me rushing (well, moving gingerly and slowly actually) to the computer to google "severe headache after flying". Apparently, it is not uncommon which made me feel a little better and I do feel a bit more normal now... well, normal enough to blog so I must be on the mend!
I promised photographs of the garden but I have to report that Spring is very slow this year and although there are signs of things coming to life - shoots and small leaves for example on the rose above around the door there is not much to show as yet!

My willow woven chicken standing guard in front of a terracotta pot where there are tulips showing signs of life - good.

Round stepping stone pavers leading to an old well! Apparently in years gone by (before a water supply to every house) each village used to have several wells where the villagers used to come and collect their water. Presume they used to queue up at my cottage for their weekly supply!

The top of the well - if you lift the lid you can still see all the way down and there is water in there too! A bucket would have been lowered down on a chain by turning the handle on the right.

My favourite terracotta chickens (from Whichford Pottery) - UK bloggers and keen gardeners you would LOVE this place... website - www.whichfordpottery.com - do take a look. I bought my chooks over 15 years ago now but I am pretty sure they still make them. They do a wonderful range of pots and other items for the garden.
So, a quick introduction to The SE Garden..... will post more with other photographs when it springs into life a little later on this month or next !
Tomorrow is my sister's wedding and a family gathering. It will be a small affair but all my immediate family will be there. I am the oldest of four - my other three siblings are coming and their families too - I just cannot wait to see everyone again. The reception after the ceremony is being held at a gorgeous English country house hotel and an afternoon tea is being served (with alcohol too I hasten to add! ) Should be such a fun occasion and I will take plenty of photographs too! We (my mother and my other sister and I) will all be wearing "hatty" things - not sure about nieces but we shall see. Sadly, DDD cannot be there as she is in the middle of one of the busiest weeks in France for skiing being Easter Week... But she is coming back to England next week - I am so happy about that having not seen her now for 5 months.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Glad you arrived safe and sound. Sorry about the headache. Your cottage garden is so adorable. I love the well. I have a well also and have never even thought to do a post on it! It is so interesting to think that people used to line up to get their water. We all need to take a moment and be grateful! How old is your cottage?

    I'm happy to hear that someone is getting married and having a tea reception. In the day and age of every wedding being so over-the-top I just adore the simplicity of a tea gathering.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


  2. Wow, that looks like such a lovely cottage and garden! What sort of rose is it that you have next to the door? I just planted one of the climbing types on my terrace. It's called Flammentanz and is supposed to be very hardy and perfect for our cold climate.

    Congrats on your sister's wedding, too! That is such a joyous occasion to travel halfway around the world for (even with the jetlag). :)

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous cottage. I have always fantasized about having such a place, sigh! Congrats to your sister and have a wonderful time.

  4. Charming home, I love the clay and twiggy chickens.
    Hope your headache will depart asap. Weddings are so exciting, hope that all runs smoothly and that you will get rested up soon....love to see more of your abode when you get settled.
    Hugs from the hostess

  5. I love your garden esp the roses near the door and the well! You are lucky. Can't wait to see the rest of your photos, enjoy the wedding.

  6. Glad you got home safely, Semi Expat.

    I love the teracotta chickens.

    SSG xxx

  7. Your cottage looks lovely - welcome home! But now that you're back you're no longer a semi-expat, will you change your name to semi repat?

    Enjoy the wedding!

  8. Welcome back SE, what a charming cottage and garden you have.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding.


  9. Welcome home Sarah! I am so sorry that the flight was so bad for you. It must have been nice to get home though...and to get out into that beautiful garden!

    How was the wedding? I hope that you had a beautiful time. Can't wait to see what you wore!

    Well take care and take lots of "English" pictures for me please!

    Best wishes always,

  10. Welcome back Sarah! What great timing - the sun is shining and England is looking beautiful! Lucky sister - she chose a wonderful Spring day - looking out the window now and it's glorious..have a super day and look forward to catching up soon! Give me a call when you can.....x

  11. Oh my goodness - the terracotta hens are awfully cute! Have a wonderful, happy time at your sister's wedding...

  12. I'm so happy for you that you're back home! Enjoy x

  13. Sorry to hear about the headache. Have a fabulous time at your sister's wedding - hope that the sun shines for it :-)

    It is sunny here in SW France, hope it continues :-)

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  14. Yay! Welcome 'home' and I hope the wedding is wonderful - the tea part sounds right up my street!

  15. Welcome home, gorgeous! Thank you for sharing some of your lovely garden with us. And have a fantastic time at the wedding.

  16. I love the look of your cottage and garden :)

  17. To all 'old' and new friends and commenters, you thank you so very much for your lovely welcome back to UK messages and kind words... and for those that have asked direct questions....
    Janet - cottage is in two parts - one is around 150 years old and the other part added on a mere 100 years!
    Sniff - not quite sure about the rose name think is is a Noisette type rose ... it is blush pink colour..
    TNMA - no can't change my name!! I like to think that this bit is the SEMI part of my Semi Expat life!

  18. The garden is lovely.
    I also adore the front door :)


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