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Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Days until a Volcanic Disruption

Up until yesterday we were having such a wonderful time down at our friends the antique dealers (Kiel and Stuart of FONTAINE) at their cottage on the Kent coast. Then the news came that due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland all airspace over UK and Northern Europe has been closed.... Unfortunately, this now means that my daughter is now stuck at the ski resort in France where she has been working since the end of last year and we have no idea when her flight will be re-instated. Also, Mr SE who was due to fly back to Australia this morning is not going anywhere fast either. That is not quite as bad as we are here together but there are several work commitments he needs to be back for next week. What a difficult situation it all is. However, let me tell you about the nicer times before this volcano fiasco... Photograph above shows a few of the French antiques ready to be loaded onto their van as they are doing Battersea Decorative Antiques Fair next week... Apologies that I could not take many photos as much of the stock was packed up in bubble wrap/blankets in readiness for transportation....

This was a present from them to me... It was such a lovely surprise - a late Georgian / early Victorian piece of spongeware - in perfect condition - I am thrilled and was very touched.

Photograph above shows their cottage to the right of the picture.

Another closer shot.

This is looking up the road from their cottage. Look at these perfect specimens of Georgian homes. I absolutely LOVE this period - it is my all time favourite English house...

We went out for dinner here.... Unusual, in that there is a fishmongers underneath and the restaurant is above. As you could probably imagine, we had wonderfuly fresh fish. (Stuart is standing outside waiting for me to hurry up and stop taking photos!)

Yesterday, before we returned to 'SE Cottage' we went to Margate where they are building the huge new Turner Contemporary gallery.... It is going to be one of the biggest galleries in the South of England and due to open in the Spring of 2011.... There is much excitement about the regeneration of the coast and generally in this area. For more information click HERE.
So, now we just play a waiting game and hope and pray that the volcano stops emitting dust and ash and the wind blows the other way which will enable airspace in Europe to open again. Never in living memory has this happened before - all so unfortunate.


  1. The volcanic ash situation is most odd. We live on the flight path to Heathrow and it's very quiet.

    That plate is lovely - and the Georgian houses too. Looks like Deal (?) - and I'm very excited about the Turner gallery.

  2. TNMA - It must be lovely for you NOT to have the planes though - bet it feels strange in a way too. It's near Deal - Ramsgate... I was amazed at the Georgian houses and squares there ...

  3. Sarah! Glad I now know your name, what a nuisance this volcanic cloud is, I hope the wind changes direction soon and brings your daughter home to you, I know how much you are looking forward to seeing her.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    LOVE that plate. How lucky you are. LOVE their neighborhood and all those Georgian homes, my favorite also. Good luck with the flights, at least you are together.


  5. SE,
    A news program had a segment last night on what that ash can do to an aircraft. You're definitely better waiting! It all looks so wonderful. I'm glad you've had so much fun. The plate is so special. What an item to treasure.

  6. Yes, I've been cringing for travellers and airlines - I can only imagine the chaos. And it's going to take a while to get back to normal, with planes and crews now in the wrong places, not to mention baggage dramas. I hope Mr SE is nice and high up in a Frequent Flyer club, to get a bit of priority treatment in re-booking :)

  7. Is there any chance for your daughter to use trains, ship to get to England? This situation with no air traffic, is something that came so unexpected. And there is nothing to do, but wait. The old buildings are charming. You received a wonderful gift!

  8. Oh Sarah - on the one hand, you're blessed with extra time with Mr SE and on the other, cursed by the non-arrival of your DD....what a nightnare - I was shopping in Bath today and lost count of the number of people I spoke to who were there because of a cancelled flight! I heard it's looking good for Saturday! What a beautiful & thoughtful gift from your friends....good luck to Mr SE - hope he gets back for whatever can't be postponed in Aus - happy weekend Sarah x

  9. Our friends are stuck in Rotterdam and now are getting to Paris via the train and then hopefully another train to Auvilar...they are exhausted and frustrated and they do not have any of their luggage it has been warehoused until the planes fly again!
    But they are safe...and let's face it...that's what counts.

  10. Isn't it incredible! My sister and her family are stuck in Spain and should have been back in Canterbury days ago and my hubby's sister and family are stuck in New York and need to be back in Paris for work commitments. Obviously safety is paramount but it such a nuisance for so many people. I hope that everything gets back to normal soon.

    Best wishes,

    PS Silly me-forgot to tell you that I adore that plate and I too am a huge fan of Georgian architecture. Thanks for sharing these great shots. I will make sure my sister sees this post as she would love that fish and chip shop!

  11. Sarah...I feel for you as I know how much you are looking forward to seeing your DD. Mr. H made it from India to Istanbul and waiting to catch a flight to Rome and hopefully by train etc... I can relate!
    Miss Tine is due to fly back to New Zealand on Friday...this will be interesting.

    In the meantime, you could not be in a better spot and you are certainly closer to seeing your daughter than if you were stuck in Australia. The weather is fab and the shopping....well, you have that sorted out already! Great purchases, I love your plate and seeing where you have been. I am taking notes as I write...I am a good multi tasker...take care and have a wonderful day!!

    Jeanne :) xo

  12. Hello all.... to everyone , many thanks for your comments - so welcome as ever....

    Struggler - hopefully Mr SE may be able to wave the Frequent Flyer badge a little WHEN flights resume!!

    Metscan - that's exactly what she did in the end... came by train - see latest post!

    Oh and Natasha - love the new profile photo - very cool!!


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