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Friday, April 2, 2010

An Easter shop display

Happy Easter and a very lovely long weekend to one and all..... This little 'chook' sitting on her white ceramic nest caught my eye today when we were out and about in South Melbourne and so I couldn't resist snapping a photograph through the shop window.

I have to admit that Mr SE and I are feeling a little down today as our lovely niece returned to UK yesterday. She was also rather tearful to leave Melbourne and her gorgeous Aussie guy but I have to report that she has already booked her return flight here for later this month and hopes to come and teach here. Also happy to report that the romance is still very much ON!
But that does not stop the house from seeming rather quiet and empty at the moment... However, there is much to be done this weekend and I hope you are preparing your suitcases too (metaphorically speaking) and are getting ready to come on a journey back with me next week to England !
Mr SE and I are returning to attend a family wedding (my sister's) - I will tell you all about that in a later post too... He is staying for 12 days or so and I am there in our cottage in Wiltshire (West of England) for a while longer.

Again, a very Happy Easter to all - hope the Easter Bunny comes and leaves you some lovely chocolates too!


  1. Happy Easter SE! Have a lovely weekend, don't forget the art project when you're back in the UK and do let me know if you'll be making a trip to London.

  2. exciting re the return to your Wiltshire garden! Happy Easter S x

  3. Happy Easter to you both. Enjoy the weekend xoxo

  4. Ah, you will miss BN, but it does sound like she'll be back very soon! And a short while in Wiltshire will make a refreshing change, I'm sure.
    I'm having a Design Your Own Giveaway and would love to have you enter!

  5. Sarah...so glad you are finally making your way back to the UK for a visit..sunny skies (at least today) await you and all that shopping!!
    I am sure you will make the very most of it:)
    Best wishes for a wonderful Easter weekend to you both!

  6. That IS a lovely display. Sorry to hear your house is quiet but make the most of it i say! Mel xxx Have a wonderful easter...

  7. Happy Easter Sarah,

    Enjoy your holiday. When is your sister's wedding? Take lots of pics for those of us who don't know what Wiltshire Gardens looks like. It sounds positively perfect!


  8. A Happy Easter to you dear lady.

  9. Hope your Easter is as lovely as that display.

  10. TNMA - and to you hope your Easter is great and no, will be right on the Art project when I am back!

    FF - Thank you - looking forward to being back for a while and catching up ... Wiltshire Garden hopefully will be springing into life and I will take many photos...

    SWIT - hope that your weekend is wonderful too.

    Struggler - thanks - yes, have entered and will blog about it next week - BN already filling out visa etc. to work back in Oz for a year!

    Jeanne - am sure your weekend is wonderful - keep the sunny skies coming for us - will be in UK on Tuesday morning!

    Mels Rose P - thank you happy easter too !!

    Janet - Sister's wedding next Thursday and Wiltshire garden is - just my tiny weeny little cottage garden in Wiltshire (which is the county we live in when in UK) - will post photos etc. if you would all like of both cottage and garden. Easter greetings to you.

    James - a wonderful Easter to you too!

    LBR - and hope yours is restful and happy too...x


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