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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A very English Wedding

My 'baby' sister Jo was married on Thursday- and here above is a photograph of her in her wedding gown which was cream satin, strapless and gathered slightly at one side - she looked absolutely beautiful and carried a simple bouquet of calla lilies. The day could not have been more perfect - beautiful sunshine in the English countryside and I have just returned back to our home and the sun is still shining ..... For the last hour I have been sorting out which photographs to put on the blog and it has been quite hard - there are such a lot over two different cameras and I don't want to bore you all too much! However, I think quite a few of you wanted to get a feeling for the day and the occasion... So, without more ado... Here are the happy couple having just been married, signing the register...

Below a photograph of my parents (with yours truly in the back ground) - as you can see my mother and I are wearing "hatty things" - mine was more of a hat and mother's was a 'fascinator' . I know they are my parents and therefore I am allowed to be a little biased but I do think they are still a great looking couple - I don't think they will mind if I let you know that Daddy is 78 and my mother is 73 - not bad!

Natasha (from Five Minutes Just for Me) - this is for you - you wanted to see what I was going to be wearing... a simple wrapover dress was the answer with a slightly 'over the top' accessory in the hat!!

"Sisters, sisters!" .... Here are my two younger sisters - Jo (the bride) and Victoria (Victoria is BN's (who has just been with us in Melbourne) mother.)

Another photograph of my mother at the lovely English countryside hotel where the reception was held.

And whilst I was doing the family 'round up' I could not leave out my brother... Here he is with the youngest of his four children.... He comes next in the family line up so, it's me, then him and then my two sisters.

The view along the terrace of the hotel ... We started off there outside in the sunshine where plenty of

these were served. Pimms - a very English drink, totally delicious (alcoholic!) and they went down all too easily and quickly!

We then celebrated by enjoying a delicious, traditional English afternoon tea followed by wedding cake and champagne....

Beautiful white flower arrangements - (done by my mother) .......
And last but by no means least this is a photograph of my darling, little niece Daisy -she is 2 and was the most delightful and beautifully behaved bridesmaid for her parents.... Such a poppet.

All in all it really was a perfect day.


  1. So many comments to make:
    *you look divine, love the hat
    *your parents are gorgeous, love Daddy's tie and Mummy's hair and bag
    *Niece is perfection
    *Bride Beautiful
    *location Heaven!!!

  2. Love the calla lilies and the simple elegance that is so evident in all the details...your mom is so cute! as is the little girl, love her outfit.
    Love that your mom did the flowers, I have a fondness for white bouquets and arrangements....looks like a lovely day all round.

  3. Beautiful. Your parents are an extremely good-looking couple. Now we know where you get it from:). And that little girl! Beautiful. Thank you for posting this.

  4. Sarah...what a beautiful occasion! The bride, you, your parents and sisters and brother and your little poppet! Your photos are lovely and the sun is shining...so happy for you all. What a treat to come all this way and have such a beautiful day. Hope the rest of your visit is as wonderful as I what we have seen in the photos :)

    Jeanne x

    PS...love your hat...a purchase from Australia or England?

  5. Pimms! And your sisters are lovely! And the sweet little bridesmaid.

  6. Your parents (and your whole family in fact), are quite good looking! You're all quite photogenic too.

    It looks to have been a lovely day and a lovely celebration. Love the hats!

  7. Thanks for sharing what looks to have been a beautiful day! Your mum is beautiful, agree with FF re: her hair, and love her red lippy. I wish more people would wear hats to Australian weddings...

    And Pimm's at an English country garden wedding sounds divine!

  8. There are just too many lovely images to comment on! Your title sums it up nicely. Love the hats. All the ladies in your family are so classy looking. Best wishes to your sister and her new husband.

  9. Sarah...what a fantastic day...just gorgeous..and you look just lovely my dear..I love the little ensemble you put together..just so pretty. Both you and Jo look so much alike..and so much like your mother its amazing.
    thanks so much for sharing sweety ;) x

  10. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing (not boring at all) all these photos of such a beautiful English Wedding. I adore you and your hat. Your parents are so gorgeous too. That little niece is adorable. And I love the traditional english tea. What a wonderful day this must have been for your whole family.


    ps - I know what a pain it is to photograph every bit of the day. You did a tremendous job!

  11. It must have been so wonderful for your sister to get such glorious weather on her wedding day. She looks really happy! And what a beautiful location!

    Love your hats - to me that is so typically British. We don't see a lot of those over here.

  12. How lovely - I was thinking of you in the shower this morning. I wondered, 'how is Semi Expat going overseas?'
    And now, when I've seen your blog entry, I am glad you are having a nice time.
    You look great at the wedding and your sister's gown is gorgeous.

  13. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! I just love the dress Sarah and your hat is stunning!

    I am still in shock at how gorgeous the weather looked-is that a blue sky I see! How lucky to have such a splendid day for a wedding.

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures and I can now see where you get your style and beauty from...your parents are the epitome of the perfect English couple!

    Pimms is my husband's favourite drink-we shall have one tomorrow in honour of the happy couple.

    Best wishes and have a beautiful week,

  14. Aww, what a beautiful wedding! Everyone looks so happy, the food looks delicious, and I absolutely LOVE the hats!!! You just don't see fancy hats in Albuquerque :)

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: Happy Birthday to Me

  15. Oh, I so like little Daisy, a darling! And you! You are wearing your wrap dress and hat with an ease, that makes me wanting something like that too, although I know they are not my style. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!

  16. Exquisite, from the first image to the last...you have a beautiful family. What more can I say!!!

  17. You all look gorgeous - looks like a wonderful day!

  18. Beautiful Sarah - how did you manage to organise that beautiful weather?!! You all look wonderful & I adore the hat! Gorgeous - best wishes to your lovely sister for a long and happy life with her new husband....x

  19. Thank you for these, I love wedding photos!
    You all look wonderful and the flowers are simply gorgeous. You're right, your Mum and Dad are amazing. As for the afternoon tea, that really talks my language!!
    ...Frankly, this is the kind of wedding I would have enjoyed, but we trotted off to Mauritius instead, which wasn't so terrible ;)

  20. Hi again!

    When and if you have the time, there's an award for you to collect at my blog. :)

  21. What a beautiful day, Semi Expat!

    I love your dress.

    Congrats to you sister and her husband.

    SSG xxx

  22. What an absolutely perfect weekend for a wedding!
    The sun was out and everything looks like it was perfect ... and everyone looks gorgeous!

    Thanks for the info on the candle.

  23. Looked like a perfect day!! The niece is gorgeous and as the others have said... So are all of you!! And Pimmsssss yum!

  24. I love-love-love this post. What a beautiful bride! What a gorgeous day. How fantastic you look in your dress and hat! What darling parents you have! It does indeed all look perfect. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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