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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Minnie L.

Isn't she just adorable... ? This is Minnie, my friends S and R's new baby - only a few weeks old - a little West Highland Terrier who arrived in their household only yesterday. I went round there this evening and could not resist a few photographs. (This one a little blurred - she was moving too quickly!)

Outside on the grass.

A little cuddle with Auntie Sarah Semi Expat!

Such a cutie pie... I know that LBR and Bonnie will particularly like this post!


  1. PUPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    Awww, she's SO CUTE!!!

  2. Isn't she just divine!!!! Hi Sarah, I do hope you're hapily resettled back into life back home and that everything is well.

    I've had a few weeks away from blogging but will be back to it this week!

    Best wishes from Melbourne and look forward to sharing more posts soon.

    Claire x :-)

  3. Oh just adorable, I want one!

  4. What's better than puppy kisses?!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Great picture of you and puppy!


  6. You gotta love those puppy kisses on the cheeks and ears...happy days!
    Watch out for the sharp milk teeth!

  7. Very cute. I'd love a dog but we live in a mansion block - guess MR TNMA will just have to buy me a house! And yes I did see Mary Portas last night!

  8. Tooo cute!! - what an adorable little Minnie - she just looks like my Westie 'Bonnie' when she was a wee baby.


  9. awwwwwwwwwwww so cute! i want a puppy too, but sadly have nowhere to keep one :(


  10. Too cute Sarah !!
    I have tagged you for your 10th photo :)
    More details on my blog..

  11. Westies are the besties!!!! I remember when mine was that little. They grow too fast. But they stay sooooooooo cute. Lily sends big love to Minnie!


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