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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

She's Back!

Yes, my girl is home,,,, Look, - a photograph too!!
I have been rather absent I am afraid from blogging, the Internet in general, and 'absent' in my mind a lot of the time over the last few days as I've been worrying and so concerned about how my DDD was going to get back from the ski resort she has been working in in France. Airspace over UK and Europe was closed for a fourth day with no let up in sight.... So, early yesterday morning she and a girl friend of hers set off before 6am to make their way somehow by train to the coast of France. They had to go firstly via Switzerland but eventually made it to the coast and across the channel where we picked her up at 2am this morning! Many tears of joy were shed I can assure you! This evening she and I went for a lovely walk together along the canal. The birds were singing and the Spring sunshine was weak but nonetheless welcome and very pleasant.

I took the photographs above in between chatting together about everything under the sun - we have five months of chat to catch up on!! It is such a relief that she is home and I cannot tell you how happy I am.
Meanwhile though poor Mr SE continues to try and get a flight back to Australia. When will this end I wonder?


  1. Oh I am so glad you have your DDD back safe and sound. I had heard that the powers that be are lifting the no fly zone over the UK, so hopefully Mr SE will be able to get a flight.

  2. Dash - thank you - just hopefully he may be able to soon - it is nice having him here but I know how concerned he is about work etc. back in Australia. x

  3. Sarah - really happy for you - fabulous to be reunited with your DDD! Am sure she has lots of wonderful stories to share & you too...hope Mr SE manages to get on a flight soon - enjoy the reunion and this beautiful weather! x

  4. Hi:)
    Just found your blog, and loving it...:)

    I am a follower:)

    Have a nice day down under:)

  5. So so happy for you Sarah!!! Lovely photos...I am sure you will have a wonderful time with your DD, enjoy! Look at that beautiful blonde hair!

    Fingers crossed that both our hubbies get to where they need to go soon:)

    Jeanne xoxo

  6. Susie - thank you it is rather special as I'm sure you know too....

    Princess - thank you for becoming a follower and your kind comment too and for dropping by... Am usually Down Under but for this month I am in Uk - which is the semi part of my COMPLICATED Semi Expat life!

    Jeanne - thank you - am enjoying every minute with Daughter which you also know all about too. Do hope your husband gets back ok and that Miss Tine gets her flight on Friday...

  7. Your heart can rest a bit now and bask in the joy of having her close to you!
    Hugs from the Hostess

  8. Thrilled to hear she's home safely! I'm sure she's in need of a good rest and you'll sleep better with her back under your roof, too.

  9. Glad to hear she's made it home, sounds like quite the ordeal! We're hearing that they are starting to open airports, hope your DH makes it to his business meetings.

    Your pictures of the canal are lovely!

  10. beautiful photos and glad to hear you got together. good luck with the flights! Mel xx

  11. Hostess - that is a very good description - yes, my heart is basking! Love it.

    Struggler -how did you know...? have not been sleeping at all well recently - am just about to go to bed and know that I will have a better night tonight...

    Deja - thank you.. yes, news is looking a little better now so hopefully fingers crossed.

    MRP - thank you so much. Means so much to be together again.

  12. While you're sleeping (hopefully) I'm reading the good news, reuniting with your daughter and hopefully separating from your husband ( flying to Oz for work I mean). Guess I'll have to go to the beginning of your blog to get the whole story of the semi part of your life.

    That's quite a head of hair on her, guess she doesn't have to go to the hairdresser every 6 weeks!

  13. Sarah!
    What excellent news. So happy that you are all reunited.

    Crossing fingers that Mr SE will have a flight out soon.

    SSG xxx

  14. I was getting all emotional reading this! I couldn't imagine not seeing my mummy for 5 months (I think she would struggle even more).

    Enjoy!!! x

  15. Good luck with all the trials and tribulations and how wonderful to see your girl again.

  16. Your daughter's hair is stunning!

  17. I too am so happy about the mother/daughter reunion! Enjoy!

  18. Oh to be a mommy! Even when they are all grown up we still worry, maybe even more b/c we can't be there to protect them. Oh I have felt your pain! So glad she is home safe and sound and such beautiful hair!


  19. flwrjane - certainly had a peacful night's sleep last night thank you!

    SSG - thank you we have our fingers crossed too...

    SWIW - You are so sweet - it is hard being separated from family isn't it?

    LPC - thank you - just hope so much planes get back to normal soon.

    FF - Thank you! (She also loved your blonde tresses when I showed her your blog briefly yesterday!!) Now she'll be after a Parlux too!

    Metscan - thank you for your kind words.

    Janet- how right you are.... I do try not to worry too much but it is so hard at times and I guess it never lessens (the worrying!)

  20. Oh that must have been so very hard. I'm glad DDD of the beautiful hair made it, and good luck to Mr SE.

  21. I finally worked out how to do a post - my first one - glad DD is home safe and you can spend some quality time together. Hope Mr SE can get a flight home soon.

  22. Mise - thank you - Mr SE still working on flights as backlog so vast now!

    Bonnie - hello - lovely to see you and very honoured that this blog was for your first comment! Welcome!!....


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