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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Open Day

Yesterday was a really busy day at Indigo Antiques where I help out on occasions when I am back in UK. It was the Spring Open Day and was non-stop from opening to the end of the day... I would imagine that around 300 to 400 people came through the door all eager to see what was new and to sample the delicious food and drink we served all day.... Tea and coffee and homemade biscuits in the morning onto to wine and canapes later - things like delicious little shredded duck pancakes with hoisin sauce and melted camenbert with potato wedges - yum!

I took a few photographs before the crowds arrived. I love this lamp - I have one from Indigo like this in my home.

Pretty blue and white lamps and vases showing up beautifully in this photograph.

Old stone lamp niches and dovecote panels illuminated with little tea lights.

A basketful of those homemade biscuits....

Wonderful antique Chinese cabinet.

Green glazed Tang horse.

Rather love these chaps too... Indian - Nandi Bull wooden toys....
At the end of the day I went home and collapsed - 8 hours on your feet all day = a very good night's sleep!


  1. Oh what a fabulous place to work in, I love everything in that shop, it's like Aladdins cave.

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous store.

    You must have such fun working there :)

    Hope all is well with you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely messages.

  3. Sarah - I cannot believe we managed to miss this! I was sent an invitation, put it down somewhere (without of course noting it on the calendar!!) and when I saw your post yesterday, realised it had all happened on Saturday!! I am kicking myself....x

  4. Beautiful Sarah...where oh where is this lovely store?
    Those blue jars and vases are heaven.
    My driving and map skills are improving...
    will travel for any worthwhile store :)


  5. Sarah, that is my kind of shop! You really do know how to pick great places to work!

    Those bikkies look yummo too!

    Best wishes and I hope your week isn't too crazy!

  6. What a wonderful place to spend time...love the tang horse and the Chinese cupboard. Hope the visit is going well.

  7. What a generous amount of everything beautiful. I noticed the glass lamp. Mine is a modernized eco version of it, but you have the real one. The Chinese cupboard looks impressive.

  8. What a yummy store - including the biscuits - can I have one of everything!!

  9. I would have come, planes were flying again! Beautiful pictures of beautiful objects. I would like the horse please.

  10. Hello SemiEpat,
    What a beautiful store and day.

    SSG xxx

  11. What gorgeous pieces! It must be such a pleasure to spend a day there.

  12. Oh the LOVELINESS!!! How is your fam? I was thinking about those lovely wedding photos the other day and wondering how they were all travelling. You all look Helen Mirren-esque, and quite gorgeous.

  13. Hello all my dear friends/ fellow bloggers and commenters... I wish you had all been able to come to the Open Day last Saturday - now that would have been such a great party!

    Susie, sorry you lost your invitation - am working there another Saturday - 9th May - any good? Maybe Jeanne you could come down too? And anyone else in UK? All welcome....

    FF - you are just too sweet - family all great thank you my dear (Daddy thinks you are the greatest since you made a comment about his tie - he has not forgotten!) x

  14. Wonderful store! I'm sure 'working' there would actually end up costing me a pretty penny!


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