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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Busy Easter Day (and a special dinner last night)

It is Easter Sunday today and the weather has been glorious - a beautiful, clear, sunny sky.

However, since late morning and for most of this afternoon I have been busy getting our clothes ready and washing and ironing in readiness to pack later for our trip to UK. Am nearly there so I thought I would take a break to do a quick post and tell you about a special evening we had last night. Mr SE took me out to dinner as it is our Wedding Anniversary early next month and we probably won't be in the same country then (he being back in Australia and me still in UK) so we decided to celebrate early and went to a wonderful restaurant called No.35 (it's on the 35th floor of a high rise building) in the city of Melbourne. The view was incredible as you can see -this photographs shows the view over Melbourne looking towards the South East and the oval bluish shape to the right is the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) - a place close to Mr SE's heart !!

Interesting decor - rather liked these sort of coral inspired arrangements hanging down from the ceiling.

I wore lots of faux pearls - and mixed them up together - some more faux than others (one an 'op-shop' (charity shop) find for around a dollar!!) and another a tad more expensive - my Chanel one from Mr SE for my 50th birthday...... Oh and of course my Chanel Ballerinas came out too to enjoy the view from the 35th floor!

Little lights on the tables - rather like beehives I thought.

A delicious sparkling aperitif....

My main dish - a delicious fish with an amazing name - something like 'Suzuki Mulloway' !! Every mouthful was wonderful - Mr SE had a beef dish which although tasted fantastic wasn't very photogenic!

However, this was extremely worthy of a camera shot! Look what came with my espresso coffee - how cute are they - little homemade chocolates on sticks - what presentation!

Hope everyone is enjoying their fair share of chocolates today!

Will probably have time to do one more post tomorrow morning before I leave Melbourne for a while... Here come those mixed feelings again!! I do so love this city and am sad to leave but am excited at the thought being back in UK... And even more excited about seeing my dearest, darling, daughter again - she returns to UK in a couple of weeks from France where she has been working at a ski resort - my heart is skipping with happiness at that thought!


  1. Happy (Early) Anniversary, Semi Expat!!

    Aren't pearls - both faux and real so versatile. I like that you can combine high and low, cheap and exxy and get interesting looks for the result.

    I love the chocolates too.

    Have a lovely trip back home.

    Lots of love

    SSG xxx

  2. SSG - thank you so much... yes, LOVE pearls of all kinds and hope to be blogging from UK next week... - the chocs were wonderful! x

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Another wonderful dose of Semi Expat in Oz, thank you! What a divine evening you had with Mr SE, and how gorgeous you looked - classic black with Chanel and pearls, stunning.

    What a beautiful few days Easter is, particular with such stunning weather, I'm so glad you have been here to enjoy it before your return home to the UK. I can imagine how excited you must be!

    Keep your gorgeous posts coming, and wishing you a very happy return home Sarah, and thank you for sharing such special moments with your fellow bloggers and readers, I always enjoy them!

    Best wishes

    Claire x :-)

  4. Claire - how kind of you and thank you for your lovely comments... Hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful Easter Day in the sunshine - how lucky we were...Will definitely be blogging again from England and hope to show you a little flavour of my local places and favourite things there over the next few weeks. So glad you enjoy the blog. x

  5. The pearls are wonderful it sounds as though you had a lovely night. Have a safe trip, I know that feeling of excitement about seeing your daughter. Our baby is in the UK, not back until next year! (but already I am marking the days of on the calender!!!!) I so wish I could board an aeroplane. I Look forward to seeing your adventures from the UK I always enjoy my visits with you! xo

  6. The restaurant looks fabulous Sarah, love your poerals and the chocolates look great. That said, I think I am chocolated out at presnt.

    Have a great trip back to the UK and wishing you hope a very happy wedding anniversary.

    Leeann x

  7. Wow....look at you Sarah..how gorgeous do you look with all those pearls!! What a lovely photo. It looks like a wonderful night and I agree..those little chocolate delicacies with your coffee are a treat in themselves. Looks like a special night spent with a special man!

    I can sense your excitement and share your joy at seeing your daughter again....you will be hugging her again before you know it :)
    Safe travels...
    Jeanne x

  8. Look at you so pretty in your pearls! I've said before, but Mr SE sure is setting the bar high for the rest of us males. Happy Easter.

  9. You look divine kind of like a much younger and prettier version of Helen Mirren. Congrats on the anniversary, I bet you are dying to see your garden in England. Happ Easter.

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Oh what a beautiful, beautiful woman you are. Thank you so much for sharing that pic. I really love seeing pictures of my favorite bloggers. Don't you? It is kinda scary put oneself out there but I'm glad you did. I love mixing high and low pearls and all kinds of stuff really. The food and restaurant looks divine. Congratulations on your anniversary and also on looking so fab over 50! Yay!


  11. Happy early anniversary! What a wonderful way to celebreate xoxo

  12. You look beautiful; I love the idea of the mixed up pearls. But those chocolates on sticks are totally swoon-worthy ;)

  13. Julienne - thank you - know the feeling about counting the days off a calender all too well and pleased to hear that you are looking forward to my UK adventures on the blog!

    FF - thank you - the restaurant was so special - hope you managed to save a little chocolate for the rest of the week!

  14. Jeanne - thank you for your kind words... not long now till I can hug my girl and I imagine you are having a wonderful time with yours!

    James - how sweet you are - so kind...will tell Mr SE he's setting the bar high!

  15. FF - I am would be delighted to resemble Helen M at any age - you are so sweet - thank you! Cannot wait to see the little garden again you are right.

    Janet - you are delightful - I am blushing - such nice words .... thank you - such a boost to the morale - isn't this blogging lark fun?!

    SWIT - thanks so much for your kind wishes my dear....

    Struggler - Thank you so much. I love mixing pearls up - all sorts! Hope you also had some swoon worthy chocs. over the weekend!!

  16. Hi! You look just great! I have been wondering..what are your future plans, are you going to settle down in Australia or UK or where? Anyways, I hope the flight went fine and it must be a joy to meet your daughter!

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