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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favourite Tea Cosy

Here is a photograph of my gorgeous Tea Cosy from the company 'Poppy Treffry'... I love using it and tea almost always tastes better after having been in a teapot under this cosy for a few minutes.

They are a small company based in Newlyn in Cornwall in England and have been going since 2004 when they started by supplying to a few art galleries. The company has grown since then but they are still down to earth and produce such lovely goodies with a wonderful homespun feel... Here are a few images from their website but do go and have a look for yourself.... Am not sure if they send overseas but I would imagine if you emailed and asked they would be more than happy to help..... Coffee cosy.

Cupcakes Tea Cosy.

Cute 'Hot Chicks' egg cosy...

All the designs make me smile and that's what life's about isn't it?


  1. Love the Hot Chicks cosy. That is so cute!

    Glad to hear your daughter is safely home with you. Is your hubby still stuck? Having been right in the middle of the chaos myself, I can certainly understand the stress of the situation.

  2. Hi Mrs SE, will miss you, am off to Melbourne now. Keep up the blog, makes me smile. Love You xxx Mr SE

  3. oooh I so want that Tea cosy, too too cute

  4. I do actually own a teapot, but not a tea cosy. Since it's only me (in our household of two) who drinks the stuff, I confess I am a bag-in-the-mug kind of gal.
    I love the cupcakes version!


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