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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy few days

For the last few days I have been rushing around - at both of the two lovely places I am lucky enough to work when I am back in England.... Today I am rushing over to INDIGO antiques where we have a big open day and I will post about it later on... - we have been busy preparing for it. For more information go HERE or www.indigo-uk.com
Mr SE finally jetted back to Melbourne yesterday but as I write he is still in the air... Such a long way, Australia...
A great weekend to one and all whatever you may be doing.. It is sunny here in England!! Lovely....


  1. Me too! I've barely had time to look at my blog/enjoy the sunshine! Hope you're having fun back home with your daughter.

  2. Lovely blog - glad I found you. Love the Sarah plate! x

  3. TNMA - know exactly what you mean - busy time back in UK but lovely to be with my daughter and to catch up.

    Sarah - I am glad you found me too! - welcome to the blog and thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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