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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blogging is the New Black

or so said an article I read at the weekend!

Where once we would look forward to our weekly or monthy fashion fix via a magazine or two people now have the pleasure of logging on to their computer daily to fill this want.... It is true I think, as I really get that feeling of anticipation each day to see what has been written or posted over my night time whether it is to do with fashion, interiors or just living in general and I so look forward to reading my favourites.

Sorry, I failed yesterday to post again - the day was busy with a picnic in the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne - such a lovely oasis in the middle of the city and then I took MIL to Mr SE's offices in the city where the camera was doing over time! It is difficult to get onto the computer at home as MIL has declared that she thinks "Computers, mobile phones, texting and Facebook and the like (her words not mine) are all a waste of time" and she does not know what the world has become.... No one talks or makes an effort to converse anymore" - So now I feel guilty and have to wait until I go to bed to quickly do my blog - goodness only knows what she would think if she actually read this!!

Anyway, two photographs before I turn off my light - one of the Botanic Gardens taken yesterday and one of what I wore to work today (sad that this is my last week of this stint working at Peony) ..... I was quite busy in the shop toaday and one of my sales was 3 of the same type of candle to someone - she obviously loves them - the Tuberose Diptyque one... however it was rather special in a gorgeous crimson glass container.... - she sent over a courier to collect the package too - very smart! Clothes today - wrap over dress from Wallis (UK) (slightly altered though and shortened, with a black Gap vest underneath, wedge suede choc. boots as worn before to work and Falke cotton choc. tights (Falke I think every bit as good as Wolford and a little more reasonable too!)
Until I can sneak onto the computer tomorrow...(and pleases excuse any mistakes - it is now late and I am so tired!)


  1. Ooh, that MIL situation sounds a bit tense.

    I would recommend you get her started on blogging/facebooking, but then you'll have a different kind of problem, in that she'll be hogging the computer and you still won't be able to get on it...

  2. According to her Facebook is the biggest evil though!! :-)


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