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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Most Amazing Woman

came into the shop today and how I WISH I had had the courage to ask if I could take a photograph of her (only thought of this after she left)....

She was of a 'certain age' - tres petite and totally dressed a la Dior style - a black couture skirt which was the kind of tulip shape with a black fine knit top and a draped scarf around her neck - LONG satin gloves and the most amazing handbag - as from the fifties in style with a rigid top with a clip fastening. Most definitely silk black stockings and beautiful black suede high heeled pump shoes. Around her head she wore a kind of fine lace wrapping - not a hat but more than a scarf oh and bright red lipstick. She looked as if she had stepped out of a Parisian street in 1956 - Dior's New Look woman !

You will get two photographs tomorrow of what I wore in the shop - just have not got around to uploading the camera - many apologies and after the description of my Dior woman my outfit will look pretty ordinary !! (oh, and by the way I did compliment her on how she looked - and she thanked me, most graciously).....


  1. Long satin gloves? Wow, classy lady!! With luck she'll make a return visit and you can do some paparazzi snapping...

  2. Personal experience: women either love to be photographed or hate it -- no gray area. At the very least she'll be flattered you thought she looked elegant enough to ask.

    Good luck.


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