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Friday, September 11, 2009

Moving Melbourne Through Art

This is the name of a scheme promoted by Connex, the company who run the trains in Melbourne and in many of the carriages there are poems and pictures created by local people..... One particularly caught my eye this morning on the way to work and so I quickly jotted it down in my note book for you all....

Rapunzel Goes Exploring
She's a delicate rose
found in flowery prose
And I'm not her.
He reads seductive books
where those kind of looks
are all you need.
I've always preferred
my words to be heard.
A different end:
Rapunzel rolls up her sleeves,
Cuts her hair, weaves
Her own ladder. Leaves.
I really thought it was good and also made me smile - it was written, it said underneath by a Rosanne Berstein who is a Journalist/Editor.
Will post again later with photograph of what I wore to work today and a photograph of some lovely white flowers in the shop too.....
A good weekend to all - Happy Friday to those who are just beginning theirs......

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