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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello I'm back!

Sorry, the photographs are a little out of sequence but this was a STUNNING rainbow that we saw on the way BACK to Melbourne from Sydney.... Just had to take a photograph.

And a photograph taken in the Blue Mountains (Wentworth Falls area) on our return journey to Melbourne... breathtaking....

And dear Mr Kangaroo just enjoying the early evening sunshine with his friends..... (this was actually taken on the way up to Sydney by Mr SE but I really thought I had to include it the post today - so cute!)

Sydney was beautiful - the weather was lovely and sunny for early Spring and a good time was had by all (inc. MIL!)

We spent a couple of days in the City and then meandered back through the Blue Mountains, stopping enroute overnight and arrived back in Melbourne late last night (Monday).

So this has been a selection of photographs - some taken in Sydney and some from the return journey for you all ......

Until next time....


  1. What great pics!
    I would be beside myself with excitement to see a kangaroo in the wild. The Blue Mountains look lovely, too.

  2. Thank you ! I was very excited when I saw my first 'wild' kangaroo - (the Aussies think we are a bit crazy!) and almost went crazy when I saw my first wild koala (which was only recently) I spent each car journey looking up high into the branches of eucalyptus trees to see if I could spot any grey furry mounds!!


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