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Monday, September 28, 2009

The MIL returns to UK tomorrow!

And maybe I am not being entirely honest if I say there is no coincidence that I am posting this photograph I took yesterday of the BATS (or flying foxes as they are also known as ) that roost in trees near the RIVER YARRA in Melbourne - but sorry, could not resist the temptation!!

They are actually an amazing site especially at dusk when they all take off to feed - they look like enormous crows when flying with wingspans of around a metre or so ...... (you may have to double click on the photograph to make it larger to see them all in the trees) - they also look like black handbags or moneybags all hanging upside down as they sleep throughout the day....

Hope you all had a good weekend.....


  1. OK, if she ever finds your blog, you are so dead!

    I'd like to spend all day hanging by my toes asleep - that looks really cool.

    Beloved Husband spoke to his family via Skype yesterday and they are making noises about coming to visit us. I told him cheerfully and not totally in jest that I'd be moving to a hotel for the duration of their stay...

  2. I know... am a bit nervous about that really! Ah ha so you are going to have the same experience (well, not quite I am sure - I could fill the page with 'incidences' have experienced with MIL over the last month!) - Don't you just love skype though? Could not live without it here. And thank you, thank you for my Award - was so excited to read that you had given me an award - was like a present when you are least expecting it! Will come over to 'yours' to collect soon...

  3. When I lived in Abbotsford we used to see the bats all the time, so near the Yarra. Now I live in the suburbs I don't see them anymore.

    By the way I'd love to work with you - and promise not to be dictatorial or dress you like a tree!

  4. Am laughing as I read that :-) -I know where you read my 'Tree comment!' on the wonderful Une Femme d'un certain age blog! (Adore both the "d'un a certain age" blogs - A femme and Une femme - both equally great) and I will definitely make an appointment to come and see you soon... Am doing my 'Semi' part of 'Expat' next week and returning to UK for a while but when I return I will contact you - Thank you!!


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