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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trousers or Dresses/Skirts ?

I think essentially we are either drawn to trousers (or pants as they call them here in Australia and I believe in USA too!) or a dress/skirt .... I used to wear trousers all the time but now I find I am increasingly drawn to skirts and dresses far more - especially the dress - just one 'thought' of what to wear, a few accessories and you're done!

As I said yesterday today you have the (ahem!) pleasure of seeing deux photographs of 'what I wore in the shop' ...... Outfit one which I wore today is the trouser plus top the other is a dress with a T shirt underneath (which seems to be my most common 'go-to' outfit looking back over this experiment of listing what I wore each day to the shop!)

Trousers in outfit one are from Country Road (Australian make), with white vest underneath from A Cote (French make but bought in UK) and grey fine cotton V neck top (purchased in Australia - first outing today - Vanessa Bruno, in sale in fantastic shop called Cactus Jam) - suede boots as before and favourite necklace from Elk (Australian company).... Coat dress worn day before (above) from Veronika Maine (purchased in Australia but I believe NZ company) with striped T shirt underneath from Primark (UK) - my fav. charcoal grey leggings and the little flat bargain satin shoes bought in Oz (make - Lily and Lulu) oh and black horn bracelet from Schon (Oz company too - made in Sydney I believe)......

Tomorrow is my last day in the lovely shop Peony - I have really enjoyed my three weeks plus one day and the time has flown - last photograph of 'shop outfit' tomorrow and then I have a decision - to carry on blogging or not??? (To blog or not to blog that is the question.....) Originally I decided to have a go at doing a blog during the caretaking of the business but I am enjoying writing and being 'part of the blogging family' so much that I think I will probably carry on (minus the photos of what I wore each day - will most probably revert to jeans most days anyway after all this!)

Until tomorrow .....


  1. It would be nice to see you continue blogging, and occasional photos of your outfits might inspire you to carry on being creative.
    I'm usually more drawn to trousers but should probably pay more attention to skirts, especially as I struggle to get the former to fit well.

  2. Mmmm me too really - have only the one pair of tailored trousers in my wardrobe and some comfy linen drawstrings (BODEN!!) but they (the linens) don't really have to 'fit' so don't count.... Think one day I will have to splash out on a v. expensive trouser (or at least try on some in shop and wait for the sale!) to see if the fit is better!


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