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Monday, September 14, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

So sorry, many apologies - did NOT get round to posting what I wore Friday due to the fact that by the time I thought about taking photographs (or rather Mr SE did, Friday evening) it was altogether rather late and I looked and felt rather dishevelled to say the least!! Then the weekend just flew by with us taking MIL on another whistlestop tour of Melbourne and its environs....

This time we went down the coast towards Brighton and Sandringham (funny that these names are the same as UK names but I suppose first settlers to dear Australia could not think of many original names for the new country!) Top left photograph - how I would love one of these beach huts (or, think in Oz they are called Beach Boxes?)

And then on Sunday afternoon we hit the high life and took MIL to the Casino in the city of Melbourne - a very opulent over-the-top marble and glittering place - we lost 15 dollars on the 50 cents a go 'one arm bandit' machines but it was all good fun (and besides I got to leave Mr SE and MIL in there whilst I wandered around the complex for 30 mins or so to 'look' in Prada and Louis Vuitton - even better fun!)

Finally, flowers to begin the week (as I did not get around to posting for the weekend!) - enjoy! Photo taken last Friday in the shop - today I have the day off - the sun is shining and so I will take MIL to the Botanic Gardens..... Will post again later if time allows.

Au revoir.....
Good Monday to all.......


  1. Gorgeous flowers and what a pretty lamp/vase, xv.

  2. Thank you - several people have enquired in the shop where the lamp with vases came from this week....(unfortunately I could not help as Jilly who owns the shop I think bought it ages ago but it really is lovely) Re : my earlier post about books we sell in the shop, it goes without saying that we stock 'A French Life' - such a lovely book and one that I personally dip in and out of on a regular basis - it sits in the pile of my 'favourites' beside my bed!


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