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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunny, bright and crisp day in Melbourne

Today was a beautiful day heralding Spring hopefully (!) and so I thought I would let you know about a crisp and fresh fragrance which we have in the shop - Cravache by Robert Piguet......

It was first created in 1963 and is described as :

An aromatic infusion of citrus and woods blending both the traditional and the modern as mandarin, lemon and petitgrain mingle with clary sage, lavender, nutmeg, patachouli and vetiver.

It really is such a refreshing fragrance and is unisex too - just gorgeous!

It was not as manic today at work - maybe everyone was out and about enjoying the sunshine instead of shopping!!
And, finally notes about what I wore today... the photographs are taken in the shop (Mr SE dropped by and took them as he had "accidentally deleted" the ones taken this morning!) Belted black coat dress by Veronika Maine (New Zealand company but bought in Melbourne last year) with white Jigsaw tee shirt underneath - charcoal leggings and a close of up of my cute find in a sale - little flat pair of satin ballet type shoes with a black rose/camellia thingy on them!! (by a company called Lilly and Lulu) Oh and brooch which was a bargain at about 1.50 English pounds from that amazing place known as Primark but which DDD and I call "Primarche" (with an accent on the last E - "Pree-marsh-ay"......!
Have a happy day wherever you are.


  1. Your shoes are lovely. Are your feet finding it hard to be at work in the shop all day? I know I'd struggle with that!

  2. Thank you - yes, I fell in love with the shoes when they were full price but then loved them even more when they went on sale! Must admit I am finding it quite difficult standing all day and I certainly could not do it in heels! (always LOVE the look of heels and try them on in shops but then think 'Oh No!' - except for a pair of red suede heels I found in Spain those I think I have worn once and periodically get out of the cupboard just to stroke them and put them back again!


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