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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great Book - particularly for 'femmes d'un certain age!'

Last night I attended a dinner hosted by our local newspaper and bookshop at which the author LIZ BYRSKI gave a short talk about her new book Bad Behaviour.........

As I was going alone I was a little reticent about attending but needn't have worried, - the atmosphere was buzzing -there were around 200 people there and I was welcomed onto a table of women (who had incidentally all come in groups of twos or more) and was soon chatting to them - I do find that Australian women (and come to think of that, men too are almost always outgoing, friendly and welcoming). The food was delicious too and that was a bonus - scrummy chicken dish, fresh green salad and then followed by a sticky date pudding - mmmmm!!

Anyway, not sure if many of you know Liz Byrski's books, but I highly recommend them.... She began writing in her late fifties, as she explained last night in despair at the absence of realistic and interesting representations of women older than say twenty to thirty or so in popular culture..... She went on to say that she thought that there was a 'gap' in the market and she went out and filled it - this I think she has done really successfully. She spoke very entertainingly and was wearing a black shift dress, masses of silver chunky jewellery with a wonderful raspberry pink wrap around her shoulders - she was not tall or 'haricot verte' (love that description - read it first on Tish Jett's wonderful blog - A femme d'un certain age!) but she looked stunning and certainly much younger than her 65 years too.

This is her fourth novel and if you can get hold of her first one I think you will see what I mean - it's called Gang of Four:

The book is desbribed "not so much as a book about mid-life crisis but as mid-life opportunity. The characters are like people you know - and there will people you know who could learn something from them" and as "A wonderfully written story about women who dare to move away from their everyday living"



  1. Thanks for mentioning this. I enjoyed your comments about meeting her. Just as I imagined. I have read a few more of her books but have to say this is my favourite.
    Jeanne :)


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