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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday and tomorrow I am off to Sydney pour le weekend!

Wonderful feeling - Friday evening ..... have finished my stint (3 weeks and 1 day) working in Peony and although I have enjoyed every minute (well almost every minute - some were a bit nerve-wracking) I am pleased to hand back the reins to their rightful owner who is on her way back from Paris as I type! Phew! - Made it ! And this evening I have had such a lovely evening on the COMPUTER most of the evening as MIL and Mr SE are NOT IN .... They are their way (by car) to Sydney having left first thing this morning - they are taking the coast road and I am 'taking the high road' - literally - by plane tomorrow.

I do love Sydney (but not as much as my adopted home city of Melbourne) - and particularly love the harbour and going across to Watson's Bay on the ferry - hopefully we will have time to do that....

And...... roll of drums..... for my last photograph of 'what I wore in the shop......' - Black waisted scoop neck dress bought in Australia last year (no name on the label - sorry - just two little pink elephants on label holding trunks) but it has an 'up and down hem' - bit quirky - I love it - surprised MIL did not comment my hem wasn't straight actually!! And, black suede flat slouchy (sp?) boots from Zoe Wittner (Australian make too).... Bone circle necklace from Indigo in UK and horn bracelet bought AGES ago from a little shop in Lewes in Sussex.
Am back from Sydney on Monday evening - will take some photographs to post early next week - so I guess I have made up my mind - I will carry on blogging (thanks Struggler!).....
Great and happy weekend to ALL......


  1. 'Yay!' that we will see you next week.
    Hope Sydney was fab - photos would be nice for those of us less travelled :)


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