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Monday, October 26, 2009


This is my purchase from The Inner Yard last week - the lovely antiquey/gift shop that I wrote about (19th October) ......

Needless to say it is not yet up but I DO know where it is going to go - we have a rather ugly looking glass door from the sitting room leading to the (miniscule) garden and it will look great hung above the door. The other colours in the sitting room are dark creams and reds and the whole scheme quite warm. The colour on the walls is a Farrow and Ball colour (Cord) which I have now used in 3 houses (yes, just call me a 'serial' mover!) and every time it warms my heart and says 'home' (by the way this photograph is taken on the floor just in case you think that the background (carpet) is the aforementioned wall colour!)

I will take a couple of photographs of the room to show you in a later post - when you first put the colour on the wall you think 'Oh, am I sure about this?' but you have to persevere and carry on and the whole room is transformed with a creamy warmth.......

Are there any colours that you use time and time again and couldn't imagine a house with them?

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  1. I really like this. It looks very luxurious. I haven't moved in a very long time but if I did, I would definitely re-use benjamin moore natural linen again. It's a perfect creamy beige when I want a good neutral.


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