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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Visiting Goose

I think that maybe geese are given less credit than they are due as this one lives in the farm just around the corner from my cottage in UK and obviously had NOT forgotten that the last time I was back I used to feed him/her (?) pieces of bread thrown from out of the kitchen window!! The second day I was back from Oz I heard a loud cackling and honking and a demanding of bread - and so of course I had to give in - see photograph below!
Its quite a cute goose really and wanders around the lane as if he owns the whole area and obviously has managed to avoid ending up as Christmas lunch for many years (and no, that is NOT why I feed him!!)
The joys of the countryside!


  1. I know my image looks a bit like this guy but I'm actually a Whooper Swan...

    Notwithstanding that, this goose is extremely cute and so much more classy than the Canada geese we have here!

  2. Love that .... a Whooper Swan and a very elegant one too!


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