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Friday, October 23, 2009

FRIDAY FLOWERS (from my love)

I have been sent some totally beautiful flowers from Mr SE and they were such a lovely surprise - I feel a very lucky person.....

As well as looking so gorgeous they smell wonderful too - the roses are heavily scented and there are herbs intertwined through the bouquet - divine! If there are any men reading this (which I doubt somehow!) you will be very much in the 'wonderful man' league and earn 'brownie points' by the fistful if you use this company to send one of their fantastic bouquets.... - the company is http://www.realflowers.co.uk/ the only problem being that they only send within the UK !!

Drop heavy hints to your man or, do like I did one day when I first discovered the company, (and I know this may sound daft) and send one to yourself for the sheer indulgence and pleasure!

You won't regret it !!

A very happy weekend to you all wherever you are.


  1. These are so beautiful, and I love that they've included herbs too.
    My family is in the UK so I will definitely make a note of this company!

  2. Oh, you lucky girl (!)

    Isn't it lovely to be loved? Isn't it lovely to be loved by someone thoughtful and loving?


  3. Tish, yes I agree it is and even though he is far away at the moment I know he's always thinking of me - I am lucky.... (and I will be back in Australia with him soon)

  4. Oh how lovely! What a creative bouquet, paring herbs with roses. I love lemon balm, next season, I think I'll give this a try!
    You are a lucky girl!


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