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Friday, October 9, 2009

Re-discovering things in the wardrobe

Firstly sorry I have been rather lacking in posts this week - a combination of jet lag and trying to organise myself back in UK again after months away and I promise I will try harder next week!

As the title of this post says I have been 're-discovering' things I had sort of 'forgotten' about including my little pair of flat Emma Hope Leopard ballet shoes and now to find that they are bang up to the minute again (I have had them for around 3 years I think) is a double bonus!

I am wearing them today and have just come back from a very pretty little shop/cafe called 'Mipo' (will make this the subject of a post next week) where I was served by such a sweet young girl who commented on my shoes and said how much she loved them and also asked me where I had bought them from. It made my day and I thanked her - its nice sometimes to get approval from 'the young' and realise that I am doing something right in the world of fashion....!

Good weekend to you all.


  1. I think leopard in a shoe is the perfect touch of animal print. These are very cute.

  2. Love, love those shoes. They are so 'me' - except they belong to you!
    Please do post about Mipo; I couldn't resist a quick google and it looks like a wonderful place.

  3. Ok will definitely do that next week!! - I dont need much of an excuse to go for a visit there and this will be legitimate in the name of research!


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