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Saturday, October 3, 2009

This is the 'Semi' part

Tomorrow I leave Australia to wing my way back to UK for a month and a half and this is where the 'Semi' part of my 'Semi-Expat' comes into play...

I always find the transistion so difficult I have to admit and although I do seem to have the best of both worlds - living in both hemispheres, it's the saying goodbye that is the worst part and even as I type this my eyes are welling up at the thought of leaving Mr SE for a number of weeks.... The first week is always the hardest and then we do get into a kind of routine - he leaves me an email for my 'breakfast' and I leave him one for his and then we speak twice a day too via skype.

For me though there is the lovely part of seeing my DDD again - I have missed her so very much. She has been busy over the last few months au-apairing in Italy and then being in Guernsey (Channel Islands) for a few weeks and now she is back in UK working to earn some money for her travelling before she goes off to University next September.

And she and I have lots to do..... Although she knows what she wants to study there are several Unis that offer this degree and so we will be literally buzzing all over UK looking at them including going to Edinburgh University (that is one place I am very much looking forward to seeing again - such a beautiful City) so that when she sends in her final application they will be listed in order of where she would like to be. After that it is a question of waiting to see which of them offer her a place.

So, I imagine that the next time I post something (unless I can en route from an airport lounge) it will be from England - and there will be a different slant on the whole thing with lots of photos of things locally to me there which I hope you will enjoy over the coming weeks...

Au Revoir.

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