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Friday, October 2, 2009

LOVE your Shape

Last night I went to a wonderful presentation at a shop which is 5 minutes walk from my house (yes, this is rather lethal at times especially when they have new items in).....

There were about 20 of us there and we were greeted with a glass of champagne before the talk where I learnt that there are apparently (according to their mantra) basically 5 shapes and we fit 'roughly' (!) into one of them - they are :

  • Curvy

  • Straight

  • Square

  • Triangle

  • Diamond

They then went on to 'dress' each body shape with a combination of 'basics' (the pieces that you start with underneath) and then layer up with other fantastic garments finishing up with the accessories as the 'icing' on the cake. A great formula which seemed to work and look interesting and different for each person.

All the clothes are designed and made in Australia with realistically sized women in mind (and not les thin pin model types although I am sure they would be able to dress them too) - do take a look - http://www.theark.com.au/

As I received a 20% discount on any of the 'basics' I feel that I could be down there this morning after breakfast trying on a few items for moi meme and maybe later will post the results in the form of added photographs.....

Until later...

Oh, nearly forgot - this is one of their sayings at The Ark :

"It's not the shape of your face or the size of your bust, the droop of your bum, or the length of your legs. It's that you've got all the right bits to enjoy life with"

I think that rather puts everything into context.......................

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