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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Please excuse the fact that I am very late posting today.... I was asked at the last minute if I could work and of course I said yes as I do love the company (its ANTIQUES and I will, I promise make it the subject of a later post - very, very soon)......
Anyway this is the view of my route to and from work and one which I always marvel at whatever the weather - the photos were taken on the way back this evening as the sun was setting (and please IGNORE the fact that the date/time is still set on Australian time - thats if you can see the little printing!) There is NEVER a traffic jam (ok, maybe the odd tractor in your way for 5 minutes) and the roads are usually clear, although you do have to keep your wits about you - two beautiful deer ran across, or rather bounded across the road in front of me this morning... - a fantastic sight.
Am having a quiet evening in tonight as DDD has gone up to London (with handsome BF in tow) to 'check out' some London Universities. I am not required for this little exercise as London is a. easy to get to for them on the train and b. there are places for them to stay and c. they are also probably going to 'hook up' and party with friends whilst up there!
Ah well, fine by me... nice glass of red wine and some television - a quiet night in!
Tomorrow I am meeting someone who has contacted me through my blog.. will tell you all about it in my post then....

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