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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spots in the Sitting Room!

Looking around the house I seem to have more spots than I was aware of (of the Leopard variety of course!!) - and when I come to think of it I have been partial to this sort of decoration for a while - above are two vases and an antique sort of Indian animal - well, not really a Leopard I admit but he does have the general sort of colouring required to be Leopard-y!

And then here - this is my favourite throw (also has a bright red lining) on the edge of the sofa - this I bought from OKA a few years ago (a great decorating source and they do Mail Order too) take a look at their website http://www.okadirect.com/ and at the moment they have an offer of 10% off and free delivery until 31st October.

So - Leopards are all around ........

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