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Friday, October 23, 2009


We have just returned from our ghost walk at Avebury. The photograph above shows Avebury during the daytime and it is quite an interesting place - similar to Stonehenge with a circle of stones but they are spread out throughout a larger area and some of the stones are even older than those at Stonehenge. Also, at Avebury you can wander right up to the stones and touch them. It is all quite mystical especially during the time of the Summer solstice.

Anyway, back to our evening - DDD and I and a friend of hers all went along where we were entertained by a hooded and cloaked woman who led us round the village and by the stones recounting stories of ghosts and spooky happenings !! The evening was further enhanced by the help of 'ghostly' actors who appeared at the appropriate time 'out of nowhere' to add to the ambience!

All good fun and to help the evening along we all were given a cup of mulled wine to commence our walk! (always a GOOD idea!!)

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