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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back again in UK

There is just no two ways getting over this - and I know that its a simple fact BUT its SUCH a long flight from Australia to England ....

I have become 'used' to it to some extent and some flights are better than others but almost 24 hours flying is no joke (and NOT in the pointy end of the plane either unfortunately!). Yesterday I flew with Etihad Airways - normally I go Qantas or British Airways but Etihad had a good deal and I decided to go with them. The service was good, the food reasonable and the seats were fairly (?) comfortable too....

The first leg, Melbourne to Abu Dhabi was VERY long (almost 15 hours) and I was 'trapped' as I was in a window seat next to a largish man who basically slept for most of the way so I felt I couldn't wake him. The next stretch was to London and this was shorter (a 'mere' 7.5 hours or so) and for this flight I was in an aisle seat and also had a spare seat next to me so that was a little better.

As we arrived into Heathrow the rain was falling - nothing changes there (!) and I have just taken a photograph this morning (and for the eagle-eyed amongst you, yes, the date is still showing Australian time on the photo!) from my bedroom window - still fairly soggy out there but the air is soft, the colours are pretty and green and yes, its nice to be back for a while.


  1. i bet it's nice to be home - don't forget us tho!

  2. I suspect it always rains at Heathrow - it reminds us ex-pats (and semi-ex-pats) why we packed our bags to begin with :)


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