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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today I had the pleasure of meeting SUCH a nice person..... the very lovely Susie ..... we met for coffee at MIPO (see previous posts) and had a wander around the complex of shops aswell and into the Inner Yard antiques etc.... which she loved too.. (Photo above)

Well, I would never have met Susie if it hadn't have been for my blog and I really think that the whole world of blogging has made the world a smaller place. Without sounding too sentimental I have to say that this time when I came over from Australia to stay in UK I felt I was not as 'alone' as I had felt sometimes on previous trips as all my 'blogging family' came too - you can access the computer all over the world and they will always be there... The whole experience of having a blog has been so fulfilling and a wonderful way to reach out, connect and make friends with other women all over the world - maybe like the modern equivalent of 'pen friends' when we were younger?!

Anyway, back to our meeting..... Susie contacted me a few weeks back by email as her situation is very similar to mine (except at the moment her daughter is in Australia and she is in UK) but she does know what the long distance commute between the two countries is like and she knows what it is like to miss one country when you are in the other... We had so many similar shared experiences and talked for ages as if we had known each other years - it truly was a lovely morning..... And, the strangest thing is that she is living within half an hour or so of where I am living in UK. When she is Australia she is in Sydney (a little way from Melbourne but still fairly close) and maybe when she is back there in December we will be able to meet up - I do hope so ... I won't tell you too much about her life as I hope that she will begin a blog too and tell you all about it - I know I will be first to be a 'follower'......


  1. It's amazing how small the world is getting. Blogging does seem to be a particularly friendly medium and I have met people who are spookily tuned in to how I think!

  2. What I find most to be the most unexpected result of (or never thought about) blogging is the amazing, touching, utterly surprising way in which bloggers and followers are so kind, generous and supportive of one another. It is extraordinary, almost miraculous in a way, all of these disparate individuals from around the world building friendships. It's wonderful.


  3. Couldn't agree more! Feel very lucky to be part of it all...


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