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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last week I mentioned (Oct 9th post) that I had been to my favourite local cafe/gift shop and after a request from Struggler of the wonderful blog 'Struggling to be Stylish' to return there and do a post about the place, I needed absolutely NO encouragement and hastily got into my little blue mini this morning and whooshed along .....

It's such a lovely place - some gifts, jewellery, pottery, handbags, old fashioned telephones, etc. and also very unusual tables which they make there too and a cafe serving coffee, tea, cakes etc. and light lunches...

Felt that really I had to sample a lunch today (in the name of research of course!) - delicious broccoli soup - photographed below ....

Far right is photograph of a corner of the shop showing some pottery and a very fun looking multi-coloured telephone with the old fashioned dial. I bought one of these last Christmas for DDD in bright pink which she adores - such a novelty for those who were not around the first time that they were!

Next, I went to another favourite place (very conveniently in the same former potato yard complex - there is also a plant place there and an organic farm shop too) - photographed above - The Inner Yard. They also have gifts etc. and wonderful pieces of antique furniture, glassware, childrens clothing, textiles and old garden furniture/pots etc. You never know what you might find.

Above - a lovely vintage seed tray full of old terracotta plant pots.

I did actually give in to temptation and bought a lovely faded vintage linen curtain with old round wooden curtain hooks attached to it - a gorgeous creamy background with a pattern of red and blue. I am afraid I just can't say NO to textiles - they are simply an addiction - textiles and also quilts. I will post a photograph of it in the next couple of days....


  1. A very cute shop I can see why you like it, xv.

  2. Thanks so much for the return visit and the excellent 'research'! I can almost taste that fabulous looking soup with the bread dunked in it. Wonderful pair of shops and I appreciate the virtual visit!

  3. Delighted that you both liked it! Am returning again next week to meet a new friend there - someone who has contacted me through this blog - what a wonderful way to meet people this is!


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