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Friday, October 16, 2009

Have been away

Many apologies. I did not post yesterday as I went to a funeral in Norfolk.... For those of you who do not know the general lay out of the country of UK it is quite a way from Wiltshire where I live when back in England (at the top of the rounded sticking out part of UK just above London!) ..... It was a beautiful sunny day - the funeral was moving and glorious and afterwards I went (with DDD who came with me) to stay with some dear friends in Suffolk (next county 'down' a little south from Norfolk)....

My friends live on the coast and have a beautiful house and made us so welcome as ever.... A comfortable bedroom, flowers, biscuits next to the bed in case I became hungry in the night (not that I did she'd prepared a lovely Goulash for us on arrival), warm comfortable sofas and just a gorgeous place to relax.... I always feel so cherished and cared for when I visit even it if its just a short visit like this one was... She truly is a wonderful friend and I know I am lucky to have her in my life.


  1. Sorry you had to go to a funeral and I can well understand that Wiltshire to Norfolk is not a straightforward journey.

    What lovely cottage pictures! That sofa is absolutely wonderful and deserves to be plastered all over the blogosphere.

    The toast looks pretty amazing too!

  2. Aaah the toast - AGA toast - have to have that every time I go there !! - Just the best toast in the world!


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