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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Had a hot date tonight...(more photos added)

with this lovely man - Mr Ronan Keating! Below are some of the photographs that we took - not all that great but they do give the atmosphere - eagle eyed amongst you will see that he changed halfway through the concert!

Such a great concert - the last one in his tour of Australia - he flies off to New Zealand tomorrow for more of the same... Will post about it more tomorrow and see if any of the photographs we took are actually worth putting on the blog.... (LATER... have done.. see above)
He performed many of his old ones including the lovely "Life is a Roller coaster" and "When you say Nothing at All"..... He was very amusing and seemed such a genuine and very nice person all round - and I just adore that Irish accent too... All in all a great evening.

(And yes, I did have some sweet dreams!)


  1. Lucky you. I met him and his wife a few years ago in a hotel lift in Newcastle, UK and he is as lovely in person.


  2. Awwwww, lucky you, I adore his voice but as he is just three years older than my daughter it would not be appropriate for me to drool over him lol. Can you believe he arrives in London two days after I leave :-(, We could always go up north I guess. Kathy.

  3. Good Golly Miss Molly!
    Hot date indeed!

  4. You lucky thing! I love his music!!
    Sweet dreams

  5. Did you wear your new Chanel SHOES??

  6. Leeann - LUCKY you.... and it is nice that he is still with his wife and they seem very together apparently..

    Kathy - well, not drooling (exactly) but appreciating him and his lovely form - yes, follow him North!

    Struggler - Quite!!!

    Jeanne - yes, the music was outstanding and he did a duet with Tina Arena too..

    FF - How did you guess??!!


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