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Thursday, February 4, 2010

You say Tomato

I say KUMATO........

I have to say that these KUMATO Tomatoes are absolutely delicious... And I love saying their name... Kumato Tomato... love the rhyming aspect (am easily pleased!) I am not sure if they are available in USA or in UK but they have been available in Australia for a year or more and I am hooked... just love them.. !!

As you will see from the photograph they are darker - almost brownish or blackish in colour ... They are a little more expensive than their ordinary red skinned cousins but the taste is much stronger with a sweeter, crisper finish.

Especially good tossed with freshly cooked linguine pasta, a little olive oil, plenty of fresh basil, salt and pepper and a tiny bit of red wine vinegar - oh and a few shavings of fresh Parmesan cheese too... Delish!

Would be interested to know... have you tried them - are they available where you live?


  1. I am addicted to tomatoes and those kumato tomatoes look delicious, although there are lots of tomato varieties in France I have never come across these before, rest assured I will be looking out for them.

  2. I saw these in Australia too but didn't try them. They look similar to a variety I have seen and tried in France (very delish) last summer. xv

  3. I'll have to look. They make my mouth water just seeing them!

  4. Wow - not seen these, but I trust you that they're delicious! Last year I did notice more 'heirloom' tomato varieties in stores, so maybe I just need to keep my eyes better peeled.

  5. These sound delicious, have not seen them before, I will have to look out for them both here and the USA, love the name too. Kathy.

  6. Wow ... I've never seen them before!
    I must keep an eye out for them here! They kinda look like a plum on the outside.

  7. I have never heard of them. But they look absolutely delicious. Maybe they will be here soon. I will keep my eyes open for them.


  8. Sarah, I am intrigued...I have never seen or heard of these before! Your description of how you use them sounds delicious. Loved the photos from the new shop you are working at...great selection!
    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!
    Jeanne :)

  9. We love to hear you enjoy the Kumato™ as much as we do. For more information about Kumato™ Tomatoes please visit our website http://www.sunsetproduce.com. There are many retailers who carry them throughout North America, be sure to check for them at your grocery store.

  10. Dash - if you love tomatoes you will adore these....

    SWIT - worth trying...!

    Vicki - maybe they are in France under a different name... thank you for commenting when I know you have a thousand or so followers of your blog... !! (feel v. honoured!)

    James - apparently they are in USA now - see last comment!

    Struggler and Kathy - and to you as well - see the last comment from the Kumato marketing department - (sorry but name makes me laugh!!)

    Jeanne - a good weekend to you too - hope that the kumatoes turn up in UK soon too...

    And lastly thank you MARKETING dept. for the info for us all!!

  11. Hello, they are available in France. I tried some a few months ago and was very disappointed. They were very expensive and had little taste. Looked good though...

    It's not easy finding tasty tomatoes in France, apart from the cherry ones. Just every now and again a good batch happens to find it's way into the supermarket.


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