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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

True Grace

At the moment I am burning a deliciously scented candle made by an English company - ' True Grace' - rather a lovely name too I think. The scent is Wild Lime which is a citrus fragrance - a balance of limes, bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin and lemon with herbs and amber... It is so refreshing and even when it is not burning the wax gives off a lovely fragrance as you go by.... Delicious... And the etched glass container is very pretty too...

But if citrus is not your 'thing' then there are many other fragrances to ponder over including Apple Blossom, English Lavender, Freesia, Logfire, Hyacinth, Green Fig, Jasmine Tea, Stem Ginger, Cedar etc. etc. - in fact there are 37 different ones so definitely there is one to suit most people...

So who are the creators behind the candles?
ARCO (the name behind the TRUE GRACE line ) is a British luxury fine candle manufacture founded in 1991 by husband and wife team Philippa Nolan and Roger Biles and they started life manufacturing bespoke candles for the likes of Calvin Klein, Heals, House of Fraser, Jigsaw, Kenneth Turner, Laura Ashley, Liberty, Margaret Howell, Molton Brown, Muji, Mulberry, Penhaligons, Pringle and Space NK.

In 2003 they launched the True Grace brand, with an emphasis on quality and tradition, all products being handmade from their factory in Wiltshire, England. Philippa and Roger have developed a special formulation of clean burning 100% Natural wax, derived from Rapeseed Wax, Beeswax and a secret ingredient, the unique blend is specially formulated to burn cleanly and perfume beautifully.

Each candle produces a wonderful fragrance due to their 10% scent content– one of the highest in any candle on the market – and has an impressive burning time of 40 hours.

If you have not tried this brand then I think you will be pleasantly surprised and for a product of this quality I think that the UK retail price of 20 pounds is really pretty good value......

(To find out more about the True Grace products click HERE for their website)


  1. I love the citrus perfumes.. they are so fresh!

  2. I love scented candles are these from Peony?

  3. Sounds perfect for summer - I'm still burning my favourite (the one I gave you the label from) but it's too heavy for summer - will maybe try one of these when (and if) summer arrives! Hope you are having a great week - we heard it's bucketing down in Sydney but not sure what's happening in Melb ! Love Susie x

  4. Ooh, I will have to try these as an alternative to Diptique, which are pricey, I remember buying them when they were 20 euros and now they are 35. So, more internet shopping for me then!

  5. I know all about this gorgeous candles and wrote about them last year, they are very much a favourite.


  6. Julieanne - yes, citrus all the way for me - love it... (and welcome, my 40th follower!! - thank you)

    FF - yes, did get it from Peony - even better though - it was given to me! So lucky..

    Susie - yes, a True Grace candle would be good for Spring... Melbourne has been really hot - niece in Sydney at mo. says its been so rainy!

    Dash - oh so love Diptyque and 35 euros not bad compared with Aussie prices here! But True Grace hold up quite well in comparison.

    NWLondonGirl - so pleased you know all about this fab. company - I see you say they are close to you... my stomping ground too when I am back in UK ... they are gorgeous aren't they.. which ones do you burn?

    Struggler - they are, definitely... just lovely.

  7. Susie, this is wonderful. I love citrus, in fact, my scent of the week is grapefruit leaf by Daylesford Organic. I went on the hunt for english brands the other day without much luck. This brand is duly noted and I will be on my way!
    Thanks :):)


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