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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why I need KNEAD ....!

This is Knead Bakers near us where you will find the most the most wonderful array of delicious edible goodies....

Such a great place to visit for breakfast on a sunny Saturday morning and that is exactly what we did today.

I even love their brown paper bags (of course what comes inside them is pretty good too!).

Great rustic decor too.

This is what they are saying about Knead Bakers (image taken from their website) - they have been noticed where it matters, for example in 'The Foodies' Guide to Melbourne' publication and of course now in this blog too!

Friendly, welcoming and most efficient staff - happy and willing to pose for the photographs too! (Note.... - Bread nearly all sold out - well, they do open early).

Aromatic and delicious coffee.

And sublime breakfasts....

Mine - sauteed mushrooms with thyme and spinach and Mr SE went for the same mushrooms but with a poached egg. It was fabulous. But then again everything I have ever had from there is. All produce is handcrafted in house down to the relish that they serve with their pies.... They serve breakfast, lunches and in between temptations as well of course as you would imagine selling a diverse range of breads including baguettes, rye sourdough, ciabatta, wholemeal sesame, sprouted rye and good old fashioned rustic white bread to name but a few....

'Needless' to say Knead is winner in my eyes..... !


  1. Ooh looks lovely, we have a place nearby called Blackbird Bakery which is where you'll find me & Mr TNMA on a Sunday morning!

  2. Stop it ... you're making me hungry ... and I've only just woken up!
    I can smell the coffee from here ....
    I need Knead !!!!!!!


  3. I'm with Marina, this is torture! Thank you for sharing such wonderful images of Australia.

  4. Oh must check out. Saturday is our breakfast-out day! I love eating out for breakfast, it's so satisfying


  5. You live in a wonderful neighbourhood, Knead looks fabulous. Mushrooms are one of my very favourite foods (yes, seriously), but I think in this case I would have been tempted by the egg on top too!

  6. Really miss our weekend breakfasts in places like this! Sunday lunch seems to have taken it's place (much more waistline threatening!) I had a look in the supermarket for those tomatoes - there weren't any there today but am sure I have seen them - maybe it's not the right time for them here? Hope you hare having a great weekend......Susie x

  7. Can't believe the Circus is your Bath 'place'!! Next time you're here, we'll have to make a point of going! xx

  8. This looks like such a great place. I wish we had a very local bakery like this.

  9. Oh my goodness that spinach and mushroom number looks amazing. It looks and sounds like such a great place.

    Lucky you!


  10. S, you need a kitchen aid with a dough hook so you can whip up your own artisan-style bread and yeast products xxxx

  11. TNMA - Blackbird Bakery sounds wonderful - well the name alone !

    Marina - hope you had a lovely coffee.

    James - Glad you are enjoying the images/glimpses of (my) Australia.

    SWIT - maybe check it out with the C'well market?

    Struggler - Mr SE said the egg on top was v. tasty!

  12. Susie - you will have to come for some breakfasts - did you see that the Kumato marketing board commented on last post!? How funny... and we will do the Circus in May together hopefully...

    BM - yes it is so lovely... you have to visit Melbourne one day.

    Janet - yes, so love spinach and mushroom they do loads of veggie dishes here for breakfasts - so good...

    FF - Yes... think I do need a kitchen aid and a dough hook - love the look of them ... now... which colour ?


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