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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How does your garden grow?

The two photographs above and below are of our modest garden in England..... I have to say when I look at them I do miss being there - it's both easy to look after and always looks full of plants and foliage as it isn't huge..... I have been inspired by many garden writers and when I am back in UK I never miss Gardeners' World on television on a Friday evening... I have even seen it over here too in Australia....

Sarah Raven has probably been the biggest influence and inspiration.... She has appeared on Gardeners' World and is also a wonderful writer and has published several books on gardening, both ornamental and also on vegetable gardening and she works from her home - a lovely place in East Sussex - Perch Hill Farm where she runs both gardening days and cookery courses from the school there... (Click HERE for more information from her website). I have been lucky enough to go on one of these courses entitled "The Bold and Brilliant Garden". It was extremely informative and great fun and a delicious lunch was provided too. She has a wonderful catalogue and an online shop from which she sells, seeds, plants and many other related gardening and cooking paraphernalia.

Sarah Raven

Above and below two photographs of Perch Hill Farm and the gardens.

Books that I own by Sarah Raven... She has published a few others too - a great Christmas book and I think she is about to publish a new cookery one too. (The veggie one above was given to me by my friend Sue aka 'Matey Batey'!).

And two more interesting facts... 1. She originally trained as a Doctor. And 2. She is married to the writer Adam Nicolson who is the grandson of Vita Sackville-West who created the breathtaking gardens at Sissinghurst Castle Kent. If you visit England you just must go to Sissinghurst if you are at all interested in gardens.... And the 'house' isn't bad either - it's stunning!
(Perch Hill Farm - Sarah Raven's garden is also open to the public but at special open days throughout the year - details on her website http://www.sarahraven.co.uk/ )


  1. Sarah, what a lovely garden you have and I'm sure you miss it very much!
    I must put Sissinghurst Castle on my to visit list ... I love beautiful English gardens and they are plentiful.
    Awaiting spring eagerly!
    Have a great day!

  2. I've been to Sissinghurst a few times but not to Perch Hill Farm, it looks lovely - thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I do love that winding cobblestone path.

  4. I should have planned my trip better, We are just a bit to early for all the lovely garden tours. Sissinghurst is not far and I would have loved to have seen it. Your garden is stunning, I love the cobblestone path too. We made our garden in CA very English looking (a home from home). Kathy.

  5. Oh I would love to sit in your garden with a cup of tea and absorb all that beauty. It's wonderful!

  6. Only two words for your garden.....heart stopping!

  7. Mmm, there's nothing quite like an English garden! It sounds like my parents would really enjoy one of her courses - I may have to check that out for gift-giving.
    Occasionally I get a teeny bit homesick for the little garden I had in London (photos here). But I was always better at sitting out there enjoying it than I was at doing the actual work!

  8. Dear Sarah,

    What do you mean your "modest garden" -- it's beautiful.

    I have something for you ma chere, chez moi.


  9. We have no garden. And, I am not gardener(even if I had a garden) but I LOVE a good garden and the English style is my favorite. Your garden is envy inspiring. So pretty.

  10. Thank you all for your kind words and comments... Marina do put Sissinghurst on your list... you'd love it.

    TNMA - Perch Hill Farm would be worth a visit - if you were off somewhere else too - Lewes perhaps?

    Julienne - thank you..(path to make it look a little bigger!)

    Kathy - you'll have to visit next time in the Summer... bet your garden in USA is lovely.

    HOTHB - thank you, and to you too JAMES..

    Struggler - how do you do that? Link in a comment... you are so clever and I loved your garden and cute blue shed.

    Tish - modest as it is very small! But I love it.. and thank you again for my award - will do the honours and pass it on in next few days.. hope this is ok...?

    LBR - Thank you to you too....

  11. OMG - what a gorgeous garden. So English. How could you leave it?

  12. Your garden is DIVINE!!!!!! Love it. Love the lillies, the watering can the whole shebang. So green and peaceful.xxxx


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