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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to you

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day...

I took this photograph in the fantastic, CAPITAL KITCHEN in Chadstone, - in the newest area of the shopping Mall I wrote about a while back HERE - where Chanel etc. have just opened... It is a fantastic new restaurant, casual dining cafe with a wonderful open feel and great interiors... As well as the cafe they also have kitchen / home section where they had displayed the beautiful heart above constructed entirely from different kitchen utensils, bakeware etc.. (all red ) - so simple, so pretty and really unique......

I will do a longer and more in depth post about this place at a later date, I promise. Meanwhile here is a glimpse above of one of the shelves... Sigh... so gorgeous.... - have a lovely day everyone.


  1. I am with you Faux Fuchsia! What a divine store...can't wait to see some more pictures.

    Hope you had a gorgeous Valentine's, Sarah!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  2. Fabulous photo Sarah, hope that you had a very romantic Saint Valentin.

    Leeann x

  3. Happy, happy Valentine's day dear Sarah.

    I can well imagine yours will be verrrrry romantic.

    xoxo, Tish

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Looks great!
    Come visit my site, you have another award...
    Jeanne :)

  5. Another great blog to read! Love the look too...I'm a UK ex-pat and feel very homesick much of the time although I love Vancouver with a passion. Hugs to you across the oceans.

  6. A joyous day to you dear lady.

  7. FF - So do I..!!

    Natasha - a good week to you too. Thank you.

    Leeann - glad you like photos hope your day was great too.

    Tish - lovely day thank you as I hope yours was in France.

    Jeanne - Thank you for the award - will be right on over.

    Rosina - thank you for your kind wishes and comments and for dropping by.

    James - as ever, the gentleman personified... hope your day was wonderful.

    LBR - Hope Lily got you a Valentine too !

    SWIW - Great day thanks and I hope yours was as well.

  8. Coming here is getting dangerous - you're seriously making me want to buy a plane ticket to Oz!!

  9. Buy one, Struggler... come on over! You would love it I am sure...


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