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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking of Easter bunnies ....

Yesterday at Ma Maison we were preparing the Easter window display.... Cute 'moss' bunnies all waiting their turn above....
some had to have their little bows put on them and then

hop into the window along with some egg candles.

Another shot taken through the shop window... do think that they all look rather sweet. Will post a full picture of the window when it is completed.
I am off to Sydney later on today for a couple of nights attending a gift fair - am really looking forward to it and will take some photographs (although do not think I will be able to take them inside the fair unfortunately)...
However, we are staying at the most gorgeous place which I think you will like and I will take plenty of photographs there. I'm not sure about Internet connection though so I may be 'off the air' for few days... Normal service will recommence just as soon as possible!
Meanwhile wishing you all a wonderful weekend wherever you may be ........


  1. I just want to pat those adorable bunnies! Very cute!!

  2. Hahaha...Sarah..oh these are just too cute...and i cannot believe its just around the corner..jeez...better get hopping and think of what I will do and make ; ) x

  3. Love little bunnies real and fake. I am ready for spring, easter...

  4. Oh, they are so cute!
    Gosh, cant believe Easter is nearly here.
    Thanks for your sweet comment. Have fun at the gift fair.

  5. Too cute!! Have a wonderful visit to Sydney...pack light!
    Jeanne :)

  6. Very cute bunnies - enjoy your trip!

  7. I must get my mitts on that rabbit!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sarah - these are gorgeous - wish I was coming with you! Have fun...x

  9. Hello all... many thanks for lovely comments and yes, I packed light Jeanne... just carry on luggage! Susie - yes, wish you were there you could have shown me all your hotspots too! And Frenchy Chick.. many thanks for dropping by and commenting too...

  10. Oh I need to get my hands on a couple of those! So cute!



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