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Monday, February 8, 2010

What a lot of bottle!

Apologies, I do realise that the blog has been heavy on the food side recently but I just thought I would show you these lovely little bottles ......

I am using them for individual portions of milk -for cereal for example... also would imagine they would look nice on a little tray for afternoon tea or for breakfast with coffee.....
They are Pellegrino bottles... Not the huge versions that hold the sparkling water but the ones that come in packs of six which have sparkling lemon or orange drinks in them... They have caps that you have to take off with a bottle opener - do you know the ones I mean? Usually there is a date stamped on the side of them and you can easily get this off and clean them thoroughly at the same time by putting them in a hot wash through the dishwasher...

And hey presto - cute, little individual bottles..... - Very appealing and free ! (well, after you have bought the drinks initially of course)


  1. I'm a huge fan of little bottles, although I tend to look out for plastic ones which I can carry in my handbag with just enough water in case I get thirsty.
    These ones are so cute!

  2. What a charming idea. I love it and I'm gonna use it. Thanks, Janet

  3. Hi Sarah! So sorry I haven't been to visit for a while but I have caught up on all your news now!

    I just read the post on those kumato tomatoes and am so glad I did. I saw some yesterday when buying groceries but didn't get any as I didn't know what they would be like...I will definitely get some tomorrow to give them a try!

    Glad you liked the google ad-like you I also got a bit teary!

    Well, hope the rest of the week is wonderful for you and thanks for the idea on re-purposing those cute little bottles.

    Best wishes always, Natasha.

  4. So cute! What a great idea! Around here we only have the green bottles for the sparkling water. I want clear ones like yours now...something to hunt for

  5. So cute. Makes me want breakfast in bed:).

  6. SWIT - glad you like them..!

    Struggler - yes, little plastic bottles are great too - I always have one in my bag for H2O on the go!

    Janet - I think they would look lovely in The Gardeners Cottage!

    Natasha - glad you have had a nice day of catching up on blogs and maybe you will pick up some of the Kumatoes next grocery shop - let me know what you think.

    Shar - thought they were available more or less world wide, maybe not... sorry - they come in little packs of 6 - check out the section with the cordials maybe?

    LPC - Oh yes.. they would be absolutely perfect for that - great idea.


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