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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunshine, Sugar, Happiness and Sushi

I have been a bad, bad blogger and not done what I should have with these very generous awards received over the last few weeks...... Suffice to say I am going to change the rules a bit if that is permitted and the 'blog police' won't arrest me!
So I am going to link back these awards to those lovely and talented bloggers who have been so kind as to bestow them on me (so far, so good - I am following the rules) BUT I am then going to suggest to you all that you click on one new blog to see if you might like to add that to your blogroll. Either the ones who have been kind enough to pass on an award to me or for example ANY of my favourite and inspirational ones on the right. I don't think you will be disappointed...(except perhaps with Naughty Niece has NOT updated hers for a few weeks....'Diary of a Travelling Cool Girl'..!)
So, to begin the roll call, - the Sunshine Award above was given to me by the lovely BEAUTIFULLY50. She is not 50 yet, just preparing her life for the big 5-0!!
The Sugar Doll award I have been lucky enough to have received THRICE (love that old fashioned word). From the iconic Tish Jett and her equally wonderful blog 'A femme D'un Certain Age' , and all the way from snowy Finland I received the same from the delightful METSCAN. It was also given to me by a fairly new but very enjoyable blog - do read it - LA BONNE VIE....

And last but not least from the kind Natasha at '5 Mins Just For Me' - I was lucky enough to receive the Happy 101 award as depicted above........
To all of you a HUGE thank you - a wonderfully talented bunch - you brighten up my day as do all my roll call of blogs to the right.
Lastly just wanted to share a deliciously scrummy lunch with you....
Sushi from my favourite and very modest little Sushi Cafe. It is very dear to my heart as it was the first place I ate sushi in Australia....
All of this for the princely sum of $ 7.50 (Aus. Dollars)... In UK 'squids' (as I like to call them) it is 4.30 and in USA Dollars it is 6.70.

So, not bad eh? I think it classifies as a 'Bargain basement luncheon.'


  1. Congratulations on all your fabulous awards. One of the things that I miss about living in Sydney is SUSHI as I adore it and it is something that you can not get easily here. Now and then I make my own but it is not the same.

    You are cruel for posting that fab photo...

    L x

  2. Congratulations darling..you deserve ALL those awards because your such a gem....now...did someone say Sushi? ...ahhhh Yes please!!!!

  3. Congrats on the awards!
    You are, of course, making me hungry...
    I posted today about the lovely wrapping paper and my happy dilemma of what to do about it!

  4. mmmmm, I love sushi!! we just got a new place in town and I cant wait to try it! & yay on your awards!!! xoxo LA

  5. Great blog here semi-expat! Just found you. I'm a full fledged expat from Canada living in Ghana West Africa.

    I am a bad blogger too - never acknowledging awards. I'm sure no one's talking to me anymore, so I'm looking for new blogging buddies! Will be checking back often!


    Holli in Ghana

  6. about to apply my particular-whatsy polish-will advise. I love sushi xxxx

  7. Leeann - when I am back in England I dream about the sushi here - know what you mean!

    Anna - thank you - Oz has the best sushi. Ever... sorry if there are any Japanese people reading this but that is my opinion!

    Struggler - loved the post you did about the wrapping paper.

    McAllen - thank you for dropping by and your comment too... likewise

    Holli in Ghana - welcome and thanks for your kind words too..

    FF - looking forward to the report on the particular whatsy polish application!


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