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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Particularly Partial to Particuliere

Great excitement yesterday. I bought a bottle of the above (they have only just arrived here in Australia - things 'hit' our shores later 'Down Under'!) I totally adore it - matching my watch strap perfectly - it's very understated, smart yet 'finished' too just like a great neutral should be. I am a very happy Semi Expat indeed.


  1. Hi Sarah!

    I absolutely agree with you on this divine Chanel shade, very chic and very understated! Perfect for a girl who loves neutral and grey marl shades! I might just have to sneak a peak at the Chanel counter tomorrow, thank you for this latest style tip!!

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

    Claire :-)x
    Haven Home

  2. I am envious- none in Brisbane!!! I want this colour! Meanwhile I'm making do with red. But I need this sudge colour and I need it NOWWWWW.

  3. Chanel NEVER, NEVER comes this far!! What a pity, lovely colour

  4. Love that colour - and lucky you, I think there's a waiting list over here (can you believe it? A waiting list for nail varnish!)

  5. I love this color and the polish applies a better without streaking than most Chanel colors.

  6. Sarah..what a lovely shade..and I dont normally ever go that colour only because my nails never stay long..long enough.
    Im sure you have a happy set of fingers and toes at the moment ; )

  7. Perfect colour Sarah, great for summer and transition into autumn... Chanel makes the best nail polish...always a very wise purchase indeed!

    Jeanne :)

  8. Yes! You know that's what I have on my toes now. I had to buy it at Neiman Marcus because the local salon of course does not stock it, nor the Essie Chinchilly which is quite similar. I do believe it will be the only nail polish I have ever used for two pedicures in a row. It is gorgeous.Hope you don't mind if I leave a link to my similar post - I painted some cardboard too so there's a little swatch for anyone interested. http://bit.ly/br67Np

  9. Sarah - have been hearing about this nail varnish from various devotees - have only just got to liking the 'darks' now it's all change to beige? I'm not too sure about either and haven't thrown away the reds yet! I think it's one of those colours that's very dependent on the skin colour it's matched with...I can't imagine it's going to look great with winter blue English but with Melbourne summer tanned would probably look terrific - was hoping for a pic of it in situ!!! Have a great week - Susie x

  10. Claire -hope you find a bottle...

    FF - am sure it will come to Brisbane soon... be there and pounce!

    SWIW - yes it is really subtle and v. pretty.

    Julienne - you never know - it might - look out for it.

    TNMA - a waiting list?? Don't think they have one here or are not 'allowing' one, not sure..

  11. BM - yes seems to go on very well...

    Anna - don't think you need long nails as such mine aren't and think this is a colour that would work on both.

    Jeanne - very happy with my purchase.

    LPC - oh a v. good omen if you have had 2 pedis with the same colour - think I am going to love this colour for a long time too... Of course I don't mind you linking either and thank you...

    Susie - do think you would like it - very subtle and pretty and if I am brave enough I may show my less than youthful hands (or toes) on the blog - eeeek!! (maybe!) Good week to you too.

  12. LOVE LOVE THIS COLOR!!! My bff at CashonandCompany also blogged about it and I got to see it on her - it's beautiful. I need to run and get it, I'm sure they'll be out of it soon. Thanks for the reminder!
    Also, check out my blog tomorrow for a special surprise!

  13. Love this colour...they just do the best don't they? xv

  14. Yes, please do show us a finger or toe painted with this - I'm having a hard time imagining what it will look like once on?

  15. Hi, I am here via the sunshine list on Cindys blog Beautifully 50. This sunshine list has been so much fun!! I am venturing throughout blog land and finding so many great new blogs that I might have otherwised missed. It is so nice to meet you and share a space on the list with you. Now the list has taken me all the way from Calif to Australia, this is so great. Love the nail polish by the way. I am an understated girl and love the classics , this looks like a wonderfully classic color to me. Chanel anything is of such wonderful quality. I am a Cahnel #5 girl from way back. Have a great rest of the week,Kathysue

  16. Ooh, that is lovely. I am really loving these gray/concrete tones that are in fashion. I may need to pick some of this up.


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